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My name is Martin Reed.

I have a master’s degree in health and wellness education, and I studied clinical sleep health at the University of Delaware.

I am also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®), I hold a Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH), and I am an ACE-certified Health Coach.

The CHES® certification is awarded by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC). Established in 1988, NCHEC is the only accredited US certifying agency for the health education industry. Obtaining CHES® certification requires years of university-level academic study, passing a competency-based examination, and a commitment to professional competency through continuing education.

The CCSH certification is an advanced level credential awarded by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT). The BRPT is an independent, nonprofit certification board for sleep health professionals and is recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Obtaining CCSH certification requires clinical experience and/or an approved healthcare credential, passing a competency-based examination, and a commitment to continuing education.

The ACE-certified Health Coach credential is the only health coach certification accredited by the NCCA and is awarded to individuals who have met the highest industry standard for health professionals. Obtaining this credential requires an approved healthcare credential and/or the appropriate education or experience, passing a competency-based examination, and a commitment to continuing education and professional development.

My business, Insomnia Coach LLC, is also Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited and holds a BBB rating of “A+”.

  • I was an insomnia sufferer just like you.
  • I learned how to improve my sleep without sleeping pills.
  • I will teach you how to do the same.

I will teach you:

  • The basic mistakes you’re making (without even realizing them) that are ruining your sleep.
  • The easy lifestyle changes you can make right now to improve your sleep.
  • How to fall asleep and stay asleep without sleeping pills.

It works.

  • Over 8,000 insomnia sufferers have taken my free sleep training course.
  • 98% would recommend the course to a friend.
  • It’s easy and it’s free.

Real feedback and testimonials:

These testimonials are examples of how my free sleep training course has helped others; however, I cannot guarantee results! Your results may vary. No compensation was provided for these testimonials. These testimonials are the opinions of individuals and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Peter A: “I am definitely progressing in my quest to taper completely off drugs … the sleep training has been a significant contributor to this process.”

Holly J: “This course really helped me quell my insomnia. I was only sleeping maybe 4 or 5 hours sometimes less before I had to take a sedative. Then I would wake up groggy. Ugh! [Now] I am sleeping regularly 6-7 hours before I work and 8-9 hours when I’m not working.”

George O: “The sleep training has helped me a lot. Thank you very much for taking the time to teach me how to cure my insomnia.”

Peter D: “I have really enjoyed and learned from Martin’s multi-disciplinary, multi-frontal approach to treating insomnia.”

Sharon C: “I am now off all prescription/narcotic sleep medications… I would recommend this course to anyone with sleep difficulty.”

Sandra G: “Thank you, Martin. You have given me a much more relaxed attitude toward my potential sleepless times. You have written the e-mails in such an understanding, personal manner that they are comforting. There were several tips that have proved helpful. I will definitely recommend it to others.”

Joan D: “I appreciate the friendly, understanding advice. The sleep training has been so effective, I sleep well every night. I would certainly recommend this program to others.”

Cathy A: “The sleep training program has allowed me to sleep without taking prescription sleep aids. It taught me how to change the way I had unsuccessfully attempted to put myself to sleep for many years. Thanks to this program and a lot of discipline following it, my health and happiness have returned because I sleep now.”

David G: “Martin’s sleep training helps you think about your sleep in a new and different way. I strongly encourage giving it a try and see if he can help bring you the restful nights you deserve.”

Ted A: “I cannot recommend Martin’s sleep programme highly enough . . . if it helped me, I am sure it can help you and even if it doesn’t cure your insomnia, it will most definitely give you coping strategies for those awful awake sessions in the early hours.”

Karen N: “If someone is having sleep issues, I would definitely suggest the program before trying anything else, especially medications.”

Gillian A: “Great advice on techniques to improve sleep. Up to date information on latest research. A must for all insomniacs. Thanks Martin.”

Zohar G: “I always avoid writing testimonials but this seemed important. I have really felt the generous presence of Martin Reed through the sleep training… I don’t think of myself as an insomniac anymore.”

Karen G: “This training was very helpful to me to help me realize and recognize the things and habits that I had that kept me from sleeping. If you practice the things that Martin Reed teaches you, you will be able to have the ability to sleep.”

Jodi Y: “Anyone having sleep problems should take this course. It’s been life changing for me. I sleep better than ever. What is sad is all the years I went through suffering with no sleep. I had the wrong attitude and many bad habits that I was able to correct through this training. I am very thankful to Martin Reed.”

Jessica G: “This sleep training provided me with some excellent tips and I would definitely recommend it to others. I really appreciated the reassurances each lesson gave and I will always be grateful for Martin Reed and his tough yet compassionate training.”

Brayan A: “I think sleep training would be beneficial to all out there who believe they suffer from insomnia, have trouble sleeping regularly, or just happen to keep waking hours after going to sleep. I came across Insomnia Land doing the same thing you guys are doing, Googling tips on how to get to sleep. I stumbled onto this site to see what it was about and it’s full of insomniacs getting together, giving advice, telling their experiences and you get to enroll in the free sleep training course. I was skeptical too at first but thought why not, so I sign up and through a period of 2 weeks you’ll receive emails that essentially teach you better sleep habits. I still use many of the techniques I learned and incorporate them nightly when I sleep and I’ve slept better since to tell you the truth. I already recommend this site and the sleep training programs to my friends with sleep problems as it is I suggest you give it a try yourself. You’ve got literally nothing to lose….but more sleep.”

Gillian Y: “I cannot thank you enough for the information and the advice that I have received from the sleep training programme.”

Daniel F: “I really liked the easy to read format, the sleep hygiene advice, and Martin’s desire to help us. I am currently on half the meds I was taking and I am gaining confidence in becoming a good sleeper. I have recommended this site to others and will continue.”

Kate A: “Loaded with information and structured help. Nobody is out to profit from this series of emails. And you don’t feel so alone. I would think that this training would work for most everybody, and I would say you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Mary A: “Sleeping had always been a stressful thing for me, I always end up wide awake and trying to fall asleep only to find out I am extremely tired when I wake up. This sleep training program helped me to develop some new perspectives and attitude towards sleeping. I hope you will continue this as you are helping insomniacs. This is a very stressing thing not able to sleep well so I am grateful some people understand this and help people like me by sending emails everyday, it makes us feel empowered! Again thank you and God bless!”

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Need more convincing? More genuine testimonials:

Remember – These testimonials are examples of how my free sleep training course has helped others; however, I cannot guarantee results! Your results may vary. No compensation was provided for these testimonials. These testimonials are the opinions of individuals and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Angoe P: “I always thought I know a lot about sleep and didn’t believe this kind of training would help, but until I started doing this course I realized I didn’t know enough. The sleeping hygiene at the beginning started to help me improve my sleep. Every step afterwards continued helping my mind and body to work on good quality sleep. I truly benefitted from this course and highly recommend it to other insomniacs.”

Bob C: “This program is the GREATEST thing that has happened to me in years. I have had insomnia for at least 15 years and had tried every pill that the so called sleep consultants give out. I either slept a little & was hungover the next day or they did not work. This program REALLY WORKS. GO FOR IT… IT IS EASY and I feel GREAT every day.”

Liz D: “I had been a chronic insomniac for many years. About four years ago I went to a sleep therapy clinic. The solution I was offered was a prescription drug which I was told was NON ADDICTIVE and had NO SIDE EFFECTS. I became addicted so I quit taking the pill “cold turkey” in Janurary of this year. This resulted in complete inability to sleep, panic attacks, and all the symptoms of drug addiction withdrawal. I was frantic and angry. During that time I searched the internet for anything that might help. I read many blogs and websites. The one that attracted me more than the others was Martin Reed’s website. I NEVER give my email address out over the Internet but this one struck me as different from the others. I logged on with a degree of scepticism only to be pleasantly surprised at the help I received. Martin walked me through my insomnia through the past few months. I received daily emails with helpful tips on getting my sleep pattern back. I honestly can now say I am sleeping normally, after nearly 20 years of chronic insomnia. There is NO reason why anyone should take drugs to fall asleep. Cognitive therapy works and Martin’s support emails made me feel I had a personal coach. It WORKS. Try it.”

Verne T: “I don’t know the word insomnia any more. When I go to bed I am confident that I can sleep. Your tips have really helped me. Thank you !!!!”

Ruth B: “Thank you, Martin, for your sleep training. I have really enjoyed it and would recommend this to others. Your thoughts have been very helpful. Insomniacs should enroll as anything that promotes sleep is worth looking into.”

Lyris H: “I thought the sleep training was great! Well done Martin. Thank you for all your hard work and kindness in sharing it. I believe in sharing talents and things that I have learnt with others, so I will pay it forward.”

Jill M: “I gained a great deal of benefit from the sleep training, mostly along the lines of more knowledge about sleep in general and insomnia – and some excellent health related suggestions. I began to sleep much better, maybe 3 months after starting the training. I would definitely recommend the course on the basis of gaining an excellent understanding and knowledge about sleep or lack of – and the possibility of a true cure of insomnia. I greatly appreciate all the help you so generously give. Thank you very, very much.”

Rebecca R: “The sleep training has helped me realize my bad sleep habits and how to correct them. And, it is so easy! All you have to do is follow his instructions. Do any “homework” that he asks you to and you will be amazed by what it will do for you. I have tried so many natural methods as well as many prescription and over the counter medications… this has by far worked the best for me.”

Caroline C: “This program ended up being the best thing I’ve done in years. I was not well, I was taking up to 6 pills a night to put me to sleep (a maximum of 2-5 hours of sleep a night) and my insomnia was ruining my family. Lack of sleep mixed with medications was honestly destroying my life. I am now falling asleep on my own for the first time in 14 years and getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night, with absolutely no medication. If you are suffering from insomnia, I highly recommend you give the sleep training a go! It changed my life, and the lives of my family. Thank you so much for everything.”

Jenn V: “I would very much recommend the sleep training. After abut a month or so I started sleeping better, was no longer so stressed and really benefited from the training. Insomniacs should enroll in the training to get a better perspective and train your brain to relax, sleep easier and get on with your health and life.”

Paul B: “On a sleepness night I searched the internet and found Everything Martin wrote about was helpful.”

Gina G: “The sleep training showed me that I had the power and ability to help myself to sleep again. After enrolling, you will never feel helplessness regarding your sleep again.”

Maureen H: “In my search for relief of my sleeping problem (insomnia) I met Martin Reed on line. Martin suggested that I follow his recommendations to see if my sleeping habits would improve. In the past number of weeks that I have been receiving Martin’s assistance and all the many “extra” information forwarded to me, I am pleased to report that my sleeping habits have greatly improved. It is comforting to know that “Martin has my back” and a positive thought to know that in time I will no longer depend on the nightly medication.”

Susan R: “After 2 weeks I am sleeping A LOT better because I am feeling in control of my sleep.”

John L: “I would definitely recommend sleep training to anyone suffering. There is always something to gain.”

Doreen B: “I have found the sleep training such a positive alternative to just being given medication to sleep. I don’t want to take medication and have found your knowledge/ideas very helpful in limiting doing so. I realized some time ago how medication addicts you psychologically so your steps have been very positive and hopeful for me.”

Barbara R: “I liked it because you had some very good ideas. I think people with sleeping problems should share their ideas with others in the same situation, it helps to know you’re not alone.”

Merlin B: “I highly recommend the process. Thank you, I am sleeping much better, and without chemical help!”

Swati V: “It’s well planned and very good. I would recommend it to others. It’s very useful. You know that you are not alone and there is someone out there to help you. That’s wonderful.”

Sue W: “I really enjoyed the sleep training. I had never experienced not being able to sleep for a long period of time (30 days) and was beginning to panic. The relaxation and meditation techniques in the sleep training helped me to fall asleep the very first night I tried them, and every night since.”

Lynne W: “I would recommend this sleep training to anyone.”

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Still not sure? More feedback:

Again – These testimonials are examples of how my free sleep training course has helped others; however, I cannot guarantee results! Your results may vary. No compensation was provided for these testimonials. These testimonials are the opinions of individuals and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Sandy I: “It was so easy and made so much sense.”

James B: “I had immediate results the first week. I forgot how good I could feel with a good night’s sleep. I got my life back.”

Sammi M: “I liked everything about this, my sleep has improved 95%. I have been looking for something like this to help me forever. There are other things I have looked at too for insomnia but they are not nearly as good as this. I would recommend this to anyone with sleep problems! Let me just say you will be completely cured! When I had insomnia everyone complained I was rude and grumpy (I won’t deny it either). Once I started this my sleep improved and my mood couldn’t be happier!”

Judy S: “All of the tips have been thoughtful and worth trying. If you have insomnia, sign up for the sleep training. You will be glad you did.”

Suzanne R: “This sleep program is great!! Extremely useful. Nice short messages each day, some exercises more difficult than others (I didn’t want to give up my bad habits). My sleep improved dramatically after the first week. Stopped being anxious about not sleeping. It was so useful, I forwarded the URL to my entire staff at work. No longer take anything to help me sleep. Thank you so much. P.S. This program was not only useful to improve sleep, it was fun.”

Theresa M: “Just reading your emails when they arrive was comforting and actually helped take the worry out of not sleeping well. It took the pressure off and helped me relax some so I could actually sleep better, along with your other suggestions. I have already recommended it to other people in my office.”

Melinda W: “The information shared in this training is practical and to the point. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Irene E: “I am sleeping better than I was. It gave me the courage to discontinue the sleeping pills and I am finding the quality of sleep I am enjoying is improving day to day!”

Judith C: “Martin has a way of providing needed information in small doses and humor. I no longer feel like I am different or the only one who deals with sleep issues.”

Kelly R: “I felt the sleep training was beneficial because it was easy to understand. I like the way you are eased into the different aspects of sleep issues daily and that not everything is dumped on you at once.”

Amy N: “Oh I’m so thankful to this program I have got my sleep routine back and that is worth more than a million dollars! I can’t be thankful enough. You have a kind heart and may God bless you.”

Jacquie P: “You have a realistic approach to sleep issues. I am tired of the same old stuff about sleep. Your ideas are refreshing.”

Lynn C: “I look forward to receiving your emails each day. I have tried some of your suggestions and feel they are helping me. I felt so alone with this problem for awhile and not many people understand much about it. I would recommend the sleep training to others.”

JoAnn D: “I liked having something to follow each day to help me to get a better sleep. The training is not difficult to follow and is extremely helpful. I am beginning to sleep better without sleeping pills which I was addicted to for a couple of months because they helped me to fall asleep so easily. I don’t want to keep relying on the pills. I would recommend your sleep training to others and am recommending it to my son who has difficulties getting a good nights sleep.”

Jean A: “The daily reminders that I am not alone in working on this problem were enormously helpful. And these reminders kept the ideas presented at the forefront of my mind. It has helped me sleep better, more consistently, and with less anxiety than in a long time.”

Terry F: “I have been having such difficulty sleeping that I was willing to try just about anything. By following the advice given, my sleep slowly improved and I awake feeling more rested.”

Maria M: “The daily encouragements are very nice and helpful. It’s a daily reminder to not give up and keep at it and that you are not alone. I really look forward to the emails everyday wondering what useful tidbit I might be able to put to use!”

Patty B: “This sleep program provides researched and updated information to help others start to work on overcoming their sleep problems. Martin’s training is a helpful guide to understand your own sleep and develop healthier sleep habits. Martin’s weekly emails encourage, motivate and support you in your journey to a better refreshed sleep. It can take several months to get back the way you slept before so give it a try, stick with it and don’t give up.”

Jacob R: “I have found the ideas and recommendations very helpful. Although I’m not 100% there yet, I’ve stopped all my prescription sleeping medicine.”

Johanne V: “You helped me beat insomnia. I would sleep approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours per night maximum. Now I sleep almost the entire night. I still do wake up but I change position and go right back to sleep.”

Roland H: “I admire your tenacity in seeking answers to insomnia and the related problems it causes. And I honor you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me without cost. I am certain you could market what you have offered freely to a broad audience of people that would benefit greatly. You are a very generous man.”

Brent C: “The information is the same that a Dr would charge you several hundred dollars for. Thanks for the free help.”

Vicky L: “I did like that the program gave you just a limited amount each day to think about and work on. I feel even if there is only 1 thing or a couple things that are helpful it is very worthwhile. I liked that this was done with humour and it is obvious that you really care about others and understand that insomnia is rough!”

Diane M: “It helped me to know how to do the right things and how not to get frustrated in the process. So many things to learn and know that especially that you are not alone going through this difficulty.”

Elfriede K: “I am pleased with what was presented in the sleep training. I am falling asleep but am still working on the consistency. The fact that this program encourages natural ways to fall asleep is a big plus. My doctor had wanted me off sleeping pills for about a year now. Although I had already reduced the strength of 5 mg to 1/2 of that for a year, I could not fall asleep without that 1/2 pill. Now I’ve stopped taking sleeping pills altogether. I recommend this program.”

Laraine H: “I liked the fact that it gave me more confidence in knowing that I can eventually beat this. I just needed somebody to give me the encouragement to do it. I had almost given up. I would recommend it to other people for sure. I look forward to your future e-mails.”

Catherine W: “The whole package was extremely good because it has given me hope. The fact that you made me feel normal about my stress and anxiety was awesome! I am so impressed that you addressed that elephant in the room and that it is definitely conquerable-at least you make believe it. You are incredibly upbeat and encourage-something that is definitely at a low when an individual starts Googling for sleep help.”

Javier G: “This training was very helpful and my sleep has improved.”

Ken R: “I would recommend your training to anyone who has a sleep disorder and is looking for a way to rid themselves of the chemicals.”

Mark J: “This sleep training has sincerely helped me, I still have some sleepless nights but they are by far less. I have found that it is really mind over matter. This has helped me improve the quality of my life plain and simple. Thank you.”

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Martin Reed, MEd, CHES®, CCSH