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Kim Wilson

I developed my insomnia when my 5th baby was born, the pandemic hit, and I was greatly overwhelmed at all my responsibilities. My baby was a poor sleeper so I was already anxious about getting sleep and he woke up so much it almost felt like “what’s the point of falling asleep if he is going to wake me up right away” but then I started to panic when I wouldn’t fall asleep at all between his nursings.

Even when my husband would take him, I simply couldn’t fall asleep even though I was so, so exhausted. I developed a neurosis about my sleep and at night my thoughts would race nonstop, even songs would perpetually play in my head, and it was a hell I had never known could exist before.

I tried sleeping on the couch, I tried sleeping pills, I tried CBD, meditation, working out like crazy, EVERYTHING, and nothing could help me fall asleep. Even when I would fall into a light sleep I was always cognizant and it was just unbearable never getting a reprieve from my racing thoughts.

The experience was debilitating. It absolutely consumed my every thought and action. My life revolved completely around my sleep. The physical suffering was unbearable as well. Constant headaches, nausea, and shaking. I was scared to drive, I was constantly on the verge of tears, I had so much guilt because I was such a mess and knew I was barely getting by keeping my kids fed and I knew I was not meeting their emotional needs because I could barely keep myself alive. I was a burden on my husband. Every day felt impossible and then the night would come and I would be filled with dread and it would be so much worse than the day! It is difficult to describe the despondency that I felt trying to navigate everyday life without being able to sleep.

What I liked most about the course was the accountability. I did think the course was expensive but then I realized that only when I was willing to prioritize my health, emotionally and financially, would I be successful in taking the steps (which felt impossible at times) to manage my insomnia. The feedback, concrete plan, and being able to reach out whenever I was panicky and getting a response from Martin almost immediately was so valuable.

I think the fact the course was such a financial commitment I could NOT give up and that piece was necessary for me to stick to it. The constant contact with Martin and personalized feedback was really helpful. It is a very structured and slow process. Severe insomnia makes you feel insane and so lonely so being able to reach out to someone who understands was so important as well.

When I realized my sleep was improving I was hesitant to believe it and it took a while definitely before I stopped obsessing over my sleep constantly and I started to not dread my life again. Realizing that I could go an entire day without thinking about sleep was shocking.

Now I have graduated from the course I just don’t obsess over sleep anymore! I still have bad nights but I don’t have this overwhelming dread that there is something deeply wrong with me. I am actually LIVING my life and insomnia consumed me for almost 2 years.

This was the ONLY thing that helped me improve my insomnia. I tried literally everything and was so despondent. I felt severely mentally ill. But this really helped me. It takes time but it WILL work.

Kim Wilson
October 6, 2021
Jobie Mallett

I had a lot of anxiety about sleep. I was super focused on how I felt and feared the night. This course seemed to release me from a lot of those fears and helped set me on a new path with less focus on feelings and fears. Before the course, I felt lost. Drugs messed with me and it never felt like I was really winning!

I am now letting go of the fight. I feel stronger in my mind when I feel the pull into feelings of self-pity. The personalized coaching made a huge difference. I liked the quick and personal responses and the fresh ideas.

Jobie Mallett
September 26, 2021
Rika Woodward

I’ve had sleeping issues on and off for many years. I was desperate because nothing was working for me. Martin responded to my messages quickly and encouraged me that I would fall asleep again. It meant a lot to me. When I realized the course was working I was so happy to get my life back. Life seems brighter.

Rika Woodward
August 29, 2021
Elijah Weisbrod

Before I started the online coaching course I frequently experienced multiple nights of poor sleep in a row. I was caught in a cycle of hypervigilance about making sure I got enough sleep.

The course was different from other things I had tried because it was personalized with no fluff. Even on days where I slept terribly the night before, I still had complete trust that, as long as I followed the simple instructions in this course, I would get back to feeling like myself in no time.

Now I have graduated from the course I feel that I can live the life that I want.

Elijah Weisbrod
August 20, 2021
Angela Lemin

I was grasping at straws with my own research and never really knowing if what I was implementing was correct or going to make things worse.

I had many nights of zero or 1-2 hours of sleep with crying, throwing things out of frustration, and feeling very worried and hopeless about my situation. I felt lost and had never experienced anything quite so distressing in my life – and I’ve been through some hard things!

I felt like I couldn’t cope with anything, sleep ruled my days and my nights and the feeling was overwhelming that nothing would ever be right again. I felt like I was drawing at straws, reading as much as I could, but not really knowing if I was implementing anything correctly. I hated lying there awake hour after hour and then needing to get through the entire day before I could try again. I canceled many plans with family and friends and felt hopeless.

Knowing that Martin had my back and would respond to my desperate emails promptly helped reduce my anxiety – I felt like I wasn’t alone when prior to that insomnia felt extremely lonely. Also just knowing an expert like Martin said I was normal and was there just reduced so much anxiety in itself.

The most important moment was into week 3 or 4 when I started yawning and feeling ‘sleepy’ again for the first time in many months. It was a relief; it was beautiful and getting over 5 1/2 hrs consistently for a while made me realize I wasn’t broken and my body and brain could sleep!

After graduating from the course, I am getting much more sleep and I am losing the need/desire to control sleep. I have made peace with the night and whatever happens so my acceptance is high and anxiety low. Sleep and the need for sleep don’t control my night or the quality of my day (I won’t let it!). I don’t expect to be cured, but I am on the right track and I have the tools I need and the experience using these tools thanks to Martin. The only way is up from here and my knowledge and education around sleep are always there for me for life!

Angela Lemin
August 17, 2021
Nick Hobbs

Before enrolling I would go through patches of really good sleep and then patches of really bad sleep. It was disempowering. I felt resentment at having to push through doing things that I would usually enjoy.

The course offered a coherent set of strategies that could be applied without much thought. This got around my capacity to overthink. Other strategies I had tried were not based upon much other than maybe they had worked once or twice before and were not reliable. I was focused in ways that actually made my sleep worse in the long run.

About four or five weeks into the course, I realized my sleep was improving. Confidence started to build as well as sleepiness. I am now more relaxed and confident.

I liked having someone to work with. Just knowing that they were there looking over things and emailing worked well. I could fit it into my life very easily, the techniques worked, and the best thing of all is the improved sleep! The results exceeded my expectations.

Nick Hobbs
July 8, 2021
Pamela Cisneros

My sleep was very erratic and inconsistent. It felt uncontrollable like it was a runaway train and I had absolutely no power to do anything about where it went.

Most of the advice out there is for short-term issues without the context of what true insomniacs are experiencing. I felt completely alone in addressing it and helpless. Like there was no one that could help me.

For me, the realization of the strength of the mental component was the true key. I don’t think I ever came across that anywhere else before. Really diving into the strength and inner workings of the arousal system was definitely a turning point for me.

I felt such relief and gratitude as my sleep started to improve! Realizing that I’m not some oddball outlier, which is how I felt when I tried to research various aspects of my sleep experiences on my own, but just an ordinary insomniac was a huge weight off my shoulders.

I feel much more confident in my ability to sleep and know exactly what to do to stay on track. I experience good sleep consistently and reliably. I don’t spend time worrying about sleep or trying to figure it out. My detective work has been significantly curtailed. I understand way more about how sleep works and the things I was doing previously to create the perfect storm for insomnia. I am much more relaxed when my sleep isn’t exactly how I’d like it to be. I am SO grateful to Martin for helping me with this issue when it seemed like there was nowhere to turn to get effective help!

Pamela Cisneros
June 29, 2021
Marianne Iauco

Six months ago I began to have sleep disturbances characterized by a few nights of waking in the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. I then began to have trouble falling asleep as well as awakening from sleep and at its worst, I had a few bouts of panic attacks in the night.

When I could not sleep, I wandered from room to room, attempting to sleep in a different bed, on the couch, and in an easy chair. I spent many nights working on comfortable positions. Sometimes I would sleep, sometimes not. The day after a sleepless night I would try to nap and sometimes be successful for ~30m, sometimes not. I would go to bed early to compensate for lack of sleep and sometimes sleep for 8-9 hours, which is way longer than I had slept in years.

Finally, I began using a wearable device for relaxing and sleep, began taking medications, and got registered so that I could use medical marijuana. None of it worked, thankfully. My doctor’s approach was to prescribe a sleep aid, which I declined. Sleep became the theme of my life and although I did not let it interfere with my daytime activities, it was all I focused on.

The largest frustration was that I had never had difficult nights before, proudly being able to sleep anytime and anywhere. I was disbelieving that this was happening to me.

In Week 6 of the course, I began a car trip vacation and was very worried about losing sleep during this time. As it turned out, I only had 2 nights of difficulty–both before the extended drives. Also, I experienced little periods of understanding unfolding as the course unfolded. The first period was relief–OMG I can sleep again from night to night; then another period when I was very invested in staying calmer/less worried throughout the day so that I could maintain a run of good nights; followed by less worry about difficult nights and understanding of what to do IF I experienced wakefulness or trouble falling asleep.

I have said to people who have asked, “it is worth every penny!” Cost aside, I have explained that it is a methodical, evidence-based approach to sleep difficulties providing a template for improved sleep. THIS particular course is so valuable because it provides very specific scenarios for every possible situation. Access to Martin is invaluable–reassuring guidance along the way.

Marianne Iauco
June 21, 2021
Leanne van Heerden

I was hooked on sleeping and anti-anxiety pills. I would take a pill every night just to try and help me to fall asleep. I was nervous and anxious before my bedtime and constantly worried about what my sleep would be like. If I lay awake in my bed I would toss and turn thinking about my activities the next day and how would I ever cope knowing I would hardly be getting any sleep.

It was overwhelming. I tried absolutely everything – the teas, meditations, medications (natural and pharmaceutical), exercises, baths, etc just to try and help me fall asleep. And when they didn’t work (because of course they didn’t), my frustration would get even worse.

The online coaching course targeted the true solution to the problem which was my thoughts about sleep. Everything else I had tried in the past, led me to believe that something external would put me to sleep when the reality was that sleep is generated naturally (if I let it). Nothing I do or take will put me to sleep. The course taught me to let go of my worries and anxious thoughts regarding sleep, and when I learned to do that, sleep came naturally.

I cannot tell you how great it feels to not be taking any more medication. I used to take a sleeping pill every night and still wake up the next day feeling groggy and tired. Now I sleep roughly 7 hours a night and wake up feeling refreshed. I don’t spend any time during the day worrying about my sleep and if I’ll get to sleep that night, in fact, I hardly think about my sleep at all. I will forever be grateful to you Martin, thank you for helping me so much, I really, really appreciate it!

Leanne van Heerden
May 26, 2021
Caitlin Johnston

Before the course, my sleep was very up and down. I was waking between 4.30-5.30am and not getting back to sleep. I was very anxious about sleep so one bad night would turn into multiple bad nights. I felt helpless and that nothing would work except medication.

Roughly halfway through the course, I had an amazing seven days. I stopped worrying as much and I was sleeping very deeply. I was less worried about hours so my daytime fatigue reduced greatly. I was having a better quality of sleep and better quality of life.

I did have a setback but by week 8 I had faced my fears, lowered my arousal system, and was sleeping later in the morning than I had in 8 months since I came off my medication

I am continuing to have good nights, not to worry, and still sleep later. I have had insomnia for 80 percent of my life so I know I still have a way to go but I have finally built confidence in my own ability to sleep and have faced many of my fears.

I have a much better quality of life, I am doing more in the day, not holding myself back from anything, and enjoying life more.

Caitlin Johnston
May 13, 2021
Billy Snead

Before I found Insomnia Coach my sleep was shallow, sporadic, and of very poor quality. I felt helpless, angry, and desperate. In the past, I focused on supplements and trying hard to get sleep. This course is more about the practical behaviors that can lead to improved sleep — behaviors that are based on science and evidence.

The course itself is well designed and creates active engagement by the participant. The approach Martin uses to create positive accountability is very strong and student expectations are set to help them achieve the desired goal.

I feel back to normal — sleeping as I used to — more calm and relaxed with confidence in sleep.

Billy Snead
May 2, 2021
Valmore Riera

My sleep was horrifically bad. I would have 1 good day and 3-4 bad days in a row. It consumed my every thought. I felt like I had no control of something I thought I had should’ve had control over, but really, I learned I never really had any real control over my sleep. It just happened and I took it for granted.

A few weeks into the course (and after getting rid of my apothecary nightstand), I realized I could do this. 1 good night turned into 2, then into 3 and so on – it was obvious I could build on this momentum.

Now, I spend my daytime enjoying life rather than thinking about sleep. I spend my evenings at ease knowing that whatever happens, I’ll get enough rest to be fine the next day, and if I struggle, I have proven tools in my back pocket to restart my sleep patterns.

Valmore Riera
April 24, 2021
Vasudha Shah

My sleep was horrible!! Insomnia for 12 years. I was taking tranquilizers and still had insomnia nights. The tranquilizers were also generating side effects. I was getting palpitations at night. I was getting migraine attacks all the time. Sometimes I was having insomnia for 2 consecutive nights. No sleep at all. And by taking pills, the quality of sleep was not at all good.

I tried everything to improve my sleep. I tried herbal medicines, acupressure, acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, flower remedy, homeopathy, Ayurveda medicines, etc. But nothing worked. My insomnia was still there. It was chronic insomnia. I really felt sad and frustrated. I feared that this insomnia was going to be with me my entire life. I even cried several times during insomnia nights.

Two weeks after starting the course, I experienced nights of deep sleep. I remember the moment after my first night of sound sleep — it felt like a huge weight off my shoulder and I felt relieved. It was a very joyous and happy moment.

My sleep has improved a lot. I am experiencing sound and undisturbed sleep. Now every day I sleep for 6 hours to 6 and 1/4 hours. I am confident now. I am not worried about sleep now. I feel fresh and energetic during the day. My day-to-day life has much more optimism and positiveness and I live it without the fear of losing my sleep.

Vasudha Shah
April 16, 2021
Amanda Wells

I had a lot of anxiety around sleep and A LOT of effort surrounding sleep. But to no avail. A lot of stressful, sleepless nights. I felt that I had lost the ability to sleep without sleep aids. I felt totally hopeless (embarrassed by the issue) and exhausted. It was the ultimate frustration. Whatever I tried to do, never improved my sleep for longer than a couple of nights. I always had to move on to the next idea. I seriously felt like a broken person.

The course made it so clear why insomnia happens and how to break habits that hinder our natural ability to sleep. The information was so clear and broken down into digestible pieces. I love how each week or two you added a new layer. It was clear, consistent guidance that was easily understandable. I trusted the process and felt confident that if I could stick to the structure I could find improvements. And it is working!!!!!

Now I’ve graduated from the course I have more joy. No matter if it was a good night or not, I stay active, I try to stay present with my family. I am no longer letting sleep dictate my life. It is so liberating! I remember the first couple of weeks feeling the positive effects of taking naps away, sleeping better, and feeling like so soon within the process I had found a new lease on life! I feel more hopeful.

This has changed my whole outlook on life. Even though I’m at the beginning stages of changing my habits, I have so much more confidence in my ability to sleep! I would wish your course on anyone who is struggling.

Amanda Wells
April 14, 2021
Jim Evans

I’d suffered with insomnia for over two decades. I used to lay in bed for at least 2 hours every evening and not get very much deep sleep. Whenever I had a bad day, it would negatively impact my sleep. Many nights I was scared to get into bed because I knew I wasn’t going to sleep.

This course takes a long-term approach to deal with the root causes of sleep issues versus other insomnia approaches that address symptoms with quick fixes that don’t resolve the underlying sleep issues.

This program won’t fit everyone’s desired approach because it can’t be jammed into a tiny little pill that can be taken nightly. This is a great program for those people who do well with self-help programs and have the patience and willingness to invest in themselves to better their sleep for the long term.

About three weeks into the program my sleep efficiency improved and I was getting more restful sleep. I am now more alert throughout the day, and insomnia doesn’t kill my entire day.

Jim Evans
March 22, 2021
Felicity Wall

I felt like I was going to be stuck in the insomnia hell for my whole life. I was dealing with fragmented sleep, early awakenings, and using lots of sleep aids like eye masks, music, and meditation tracks which didn’t really work in the long run. Sleeping tablets gave me side effects like headaches.

I realized things were improving when I started to sleep through my sleep window and not feel overly fatigued during the day even though I wasn’t getting the 7-8 hours I thought I needed. The daily support is invaluable as you want to give the course 100% but questions always come up and it’s great to have them answered quickly so you can move forward.

I have got 7 hours of sleep for the first time in a long time! I now feel like I have the tools and strategies to manage my insomnia better.

Felicity Wall
March 16, 2021
Alesha Holdaway

My sleep was an absolute wreck. I woke up feeling exhausted and ridden with sleep-related anxiety every single day. When efforts to improve my sleep didn’t work, I was frustrated beyond anything I can think to compare it to.

Insomnia Coach was different because it didn’t involve meds — and support and encouragement were available whenever needed. It also involved a lot of education.

I now feel relief, hope, and peace beyond description. I feel encouraged that sleep will not control my outlook on life in the long term.

Alesha Holdaway
February 7, 2021
Maura FitzGerald

Before I started the Insomnia Coach course, I had so much anxiety about going to bed. I was sometimes afraid to go to bed and sometimes didn’t go to bed. I slept in another room on a futon. On my futon, I would sing some childhood songs until I began to yawn and then fall asleep for a few hours. Most days I felt very sleep deprived.

Before taking this course I read about and tried many things to help me fall asleep. Some of these things would work for a while and then stop working. I never found anything that I could put my faith in until I started Insomnia Coach.

For me, there is no exact moment when I realized this course was working for me. After about a week into the course, every morning my husband would marvel at how fast I fell asleep the previous night. The pattern continued confirming that this course was working for me.

My life is so much better now that I’ve done this course. Being able to rely on going to sleep after a full day is a game-changer for me. I’ve struggled for a long time with the depression that goes with sleep deprivation. What a delicious pleasure it is to climb into bed at night and know that I will go to sleep. It happens fast.

Maura FitzGerald
January 27, 2021
Anne-Claire France

I used to get 0-2 hours of low-quality sleep. Being a “do-er” (overachiever) and the go-to person for problem-solving in life, it was very frustrating that this was something I was failing to solve. So, it was quite depressing.

This course is different because it is behavior modification where the “why” for each behavior change is well provided before implementing the “how”. Plus having a coach/expert as a guide is excellent.

The course is well worth it BUT will be as helpful as the level of commitment a client is willing to put into it. There must be a willingness to let go of one’s long-held beliefs and habits about sleep and be open to a new approach. Bottom line, it is a terrific investment in one’s health and well being but it takes a level of dedication; and having a very knowledgeable coach makes it very doable; similar to many other “aspirations” in life!

I am now feeling much better and less worried about having to get through days of fatigue. Overall, a significant increase in overall wellbeing.

Anne-Claire France
January 26, 2021
Jessy Baer

I was in the midst of a nasty bout of insomnia that was getting worse. I was terrified of sleep and worried I’d have chronic insomnia for life. I felt like I had tried everything sleep hygiene-wise and nothing worked. I was feeling pretty low and helpless.

Martin was warm, non-salesy, and had an empathic personality. It’s clear he is in this first and foremost to help people and the money is secondary. A lot of the other courses just felt really icky and commercialized.

The course was full of actionable science-backed concrete behaviors we could take — not just frustrating sleep hygiene stuff. What I liked most about the course was Martin’s highly empathetic presence and understanding of the psyche of someone with insomnia and their triggers + high confidence in our ability to sleep + availability to help us through obstacles at any moment.

The future looks bright. Life is starting to get beautiful again 🙂

Jessy Baer
December 17, 2020

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