How David overcame three years of insomnia by addressing his obsession with sleep using CBT-I, acceptance, and mindfulness techniques (#8)

Like many people, David struggled with the odd night of poor sleep every now and again — but three years ago a night of absolutely no sleep led to sleep-related worry and the fear that he had lost the ability to sleep. This led to more nights of bad sleep (and many nights of no … Read more

A conversation about insomnia and anxiety with clinical psychologist Nick Wignall (#7)

Nick Wignall is a clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders and insomnia. He’s also a writer interested in how we can use the tools and insights of behavioral science to better achieve our personal growth and development goals. In this episode, we talk about insomnia as an anxiety disorder rather … Read more

How Rose battled with insomnia as a teenager but now looks forward to going to bed at night (#6)

Rose started struggling with sleep at the age of just 12 years old. One bad night of sleep triggered a vicious cycle of ever-increasing sleep-related worry and anxiety, and ever-worsening sleep. At the age of 18, the added stress of exams led to panic attacks and as little as two to three hours of fragmented … Read more

How Scott overcame sleep-related worry and anxiety and got rid of insomnia (#4)

Scott slept well his entire life until he listened to a podcast that led him to worry about how much sleep he was getting and the health consequences of insufficient sleep. That night, Scott had a terrible night of sleep and this triggered a vicious cycle of ever-increasing worry about sleep and increasingly worse sleep … Read more

A conversation with Michael Schwartz about CBT-I and intensive sleep retraining (#3)

In this episode, I talk to sleep expert Michael Schwartz about cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) and intensive sleep retraining. Michael is the founder of MicroSleep, LLC, and the program director for the Clinical Sleep Health Program at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Michael has over 30 years of experience in sleep. He’s a … Read more

Everything you need to know about cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (#1)

I talk a lot about cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) in this podcast. This episode will explain exactly what CBT-I is and how it helps improve sleep. The audio from this episode was taken from a Facebook Live, originally recorded in May 2019. You can find the Insomnia Coach Facebook page at You … Read more