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    I happen to have dust allergy too. Started JUST 2 YEARS ago. I hv ongoing cough for a year! I took it lightly since i thought it would heal itself as it normally would. Until my bf asked me to go see a doctor because he’s annoyed with my cough :D. Just then i knew that I’m allergic to dust. So it is totally normal if you develop dust allergy in your age too.

    My friend, try not to be panic if you have lung problem or any other problem with your body. Go to see a doctor and treat it.

    In 2017-beginning 2018 my bf also suddenly had alopecia areata. It’s the hardest moment for him (and of course for me too). It says becuase of immune deprovation and genetic. He lost almost 1/4 of his hair, in patches. He was stressed that he shaved all his hair bald and locked himself in the room for months. He saw a doctor and the doctor gave him food restriction, serum, shampoo and vitamins. The hair then grew back normal and he had the confident back that he lost.

    Buttt, last 2 months there’s another circular bald patch on his head. I was surprised. I told him to see a doctor but he refused. This time, he wasn’t panicking. He just used his regular shampoo and bought a vitamin. Surprisingly, the bald patch didn’t  enlarge: it stayed half of my thumb nails. And only in a month, the hair grew back. I’m proud that eventhough the problem doesn’t change for him, how he handles the situation does change.

    True this past 3 years was like hell for him. The problem doesn’t change until now. He still takes pills every night, has a sleepless night 1 or 2 days without a reason, and regulary see a psychiatrist. But how he handles his situation is much better than he was. He is accepting that that’s the way he is. And he’s accepting if, in the worst case, he needs to take pills every night for life. From then, his life improves gradually. He regains his passion, his spirit, improve his work and his relationship with others too.

    i hope you get what i mean from what i&my bf exp.

    Advice for you, stop reading from google what is wrong with you. Google can be misleading. And without you knowing, you get more stressed from reading. Problem that doesn’t exist in you can be somehow true for you, in your brain, while the fact it’s NOT!

    If you don’t sleep at night, wake up from your bed at the right time. Don’t stay laying in bed. Trust me, you won’t sleep no matter how hard you try. Do some activities even though it’s hard. Get your body tired.

    I would also recommend a non rotating shift. Though i now you hv changed your work 4times.

    I’m not sure how things work in your country. But can you make something at home that you can sell? There are moments when my bf doesn’t sleep that he is unable to drive. He stays at home. So he also works at home experiment something to sell. It is less energy-consuming. And it is fun!! Maybe you can make and sell something from your hobby 😀

    lastly, i would recommend adopting a dog. Dog can change you and your household 😀 just kidding 😀 I love dogs and it’s true dogs make my home more alive. Make you forget about how hard life too sometimes 😀

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    What would you do if you know your health problem is caused by your insomnia? Wouldn’t it make you more depressed? You would spend your day pitying yourself.

    What im trying to say is stop focusing on your sleep.

    do you live by yourself? Anything you like to do or what are you passionate about?

    Maybe you can share it with me.


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    Hi frozensun. I’m in this forum because my boyfriend cried for you. He also has insomnia for 3 years now and lives with sleeping pills every night. He was really depressed and lived in fear in the first 2 years. Very moody, often to have gastric pain and chest pain (due to panic attack), and sometimes flu.

    But the good news is, he is ok now. Some nights he has sleepless night, but he is not as frantic as he was. He’s learning to accept his condition and surrender to God. After all, his life is in His hand. The more you hold your life, the harder you breathe.

    I just want to ask,

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