insomnia for almost 4 years,tried all,any help/support?

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    I’m sick.Seems like I have some viral infection.My blood tests are bad.My immunity is very low obviously because of sleep deprivation.

    This is pure hell.

    How many doctors should I change,how many things left for me to try?

    I don’t want to suffer anymore,they all tell me accept it as a part of your life but I’m crippled and can’t life the rest of my life like this. 🙁


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    Read the book the effortless sleep method by Sasha Stephens and then read her 2nd book the effortless sleep companion and then read them again. They will help you


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    I happen to have dust allergy too. Started JUST 2 YEARS ago. I hv ongoing cough for a year! I took it lightly since i thought it would heal itself as it normally would. Until my bf asked me to go see a doctor because he’s annoyed with my cough :D. Just then i knew that I’m allergic to dust. So it is totally normal if you develop dust allergy in your age too.

    My friend, try not to be panic if you have lung problem or any other problem with your body. Go to see a doctor and treat it.

    In 2017-beginning 2018 my bf also suddenly had alopecia areata. It’s the hardest moment for him (and of course for me too). It says becuase of immune deprovation and genetic. He lost almost 1/4 of his hair, in patches. He was stressed that he shaved all his hair bald and locked himself in the room for months. He saw a doctor and the doctor gave him food restriction, serum, shampoo and vitamins. The hair then grew back normal and he had the confident back that he lost.

    Buttt, last 2 months there’s another circular bald patch on his head. I was surprised. I told him to see a doctor but he refused. This time, he wasn’t panicking. He just used his regular shampoo and bought a vitamin. Surprisingly, the bald patch didn’t  enlarge: it stayed half of my thumb nails. And only in a month, the hair grew back. I’m proud that eventhough the problem doesn’t change for him, how he handles the situation does change.

    True this past 3 years was like hell for him. The problem doesn’t change until now. He still takes pills every night, has a sleepless night 1 or 2 days without a reason, and regulary see a psychiatrist. But how he handles his situation is much better than he was. He is accepting that that’s the way he is. And he’s accepting if, in the worst case, he needs to take pills every night for life. From then, his life improves gradually. He regains his passion, his spirit, improve his work and his relationship with others too.

    i hope you get what i mean from what i&my bf exp.

    Advice for you, stop reading from google what is wrong with you. Google can be misleading. And without you knowing, you get more stressed from reading. Problem that doesn’t exist in you can be somehow true for you, in your brain, while the fact it’s NOT!

    If you don’t sleep at night, wake up from your bed at the right time. Don’t stay laying in bed. Trust me, you won’t sleep no matter how hard you try. Do some activities even though it’s hard. Get your body tired.

    I would also recommend a non rotating shift. Though i now you hv changed your work 4times.

    I’m not sure how things work in your country. But can you make something at home that you can sell? There are moments when my bf doesn’t sleep that he is unable to drive. He stays at home. So he also works at home experiment something to sell. It is less energy-consuming. And it is fun!! Maybe you can make and sell something from your hobby 😀

    lastly, i would recommend adopting a dog. Dog can change you and your household 😀 just kidding 😀 I love dogs and it’s true dogs make my home more alive. Make you forget about how hard life too sometimes 😀


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    Is there anyway to find pdf versions of these books,cuz amazon don’t ship them to my country?



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    I’m not sure about pdf versions. I have a kindle so read them on that. I really think these books can help you and I’m sure there must be a way you can access them in your country . You are massively negatively  over reacting to your insomnia and therefore keeping it firmly in place. Insomnia is a fear of not sleeping after all. It is a mental problem there is nothing physically wrong with you. Most of what you are feeling when you haven’t slept is to do with the tension and anxiety and worry because you haven’t slept. Take that away and it’s just tiredness. Do not worry, you absolutely can get better. You are just looking in the wrong place. It is a mental problem and therefore it has a mental solution. I cured my chronic insomnia by reading these books several times. I slept amazing for 19 months and then it came back and I read the books again so I know I will get over it again. You just need to stop focusing on all the negative stuff about your sleep and only focus on the positive aspects. The quote from the author is the story you tell about your sleep will come true and it’s true


    ✓ Client

    April, I do understand that there is a psychological component to insomnia for sure.  I feel that it’s mostly physiological in my case, but of course I have no proof of this.  I convinced my doctor to run a cortisol test thinking that’s why I wasn’t experiencing sleepiness and it was completely normal.  It’s probably as Martin has explained (at least as far as I understand that—correct me if I am wrong, Martin) that the sleepiness that should have built up over the last 24 hours is overshadowed by the hyperarousal (on the surface, I seem/feel calm, thanks to yoga and meditation daily, but I definitely still think anxious thoughts even if I don’t experience visceral anxiety, or at least don’t think I do).

    But what I can’t understand is why your/my insomnia comes back after it seems like it’s gone.  Why do you think it returned to you after 19 months?  What did you suddenly do/feel/think differently?  In my case, after trying ACT and CBT, I thought I was finally cured last week when I slept normally 6 days in a row—a record for the past eight months.  But even after such a great week, it’s now again like it never happened and I’m back to square one.  And I can’t understand what is different.  I do admit I was still taking supplements like melatonin, hops, and glycine, as well as gabapentin (prescribed for sleep, but I discovered it helps with hot flashes and frequent nightime urination, so worth taking for a while longer at least)—but now with the same supplements, I still can’t fall asleep until 2 a.m. (I’ve always been sleepy by 11, all my 64 years).

    So if it’s just psychological and the anxiety gets resolved to the point where I slept normally 6 days in a row and you slept 19 months, then why would insomnia return if there are no new stressors in your life?


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    But what if my insomnia is caused by stress,lots of sleeping pills and shift work sleep disorder.

    I mean I don’t worry about sleep at all,I lay in bed with empty brain but can’t fall asleep.

    I can’t fall asleep even over day,dead tired no matter how sleepy I felt.

    Doctors and friends of mine suggested to quit job,and shiftwork but I’m not so sure if that would solve my insomnia cuz I remind you,when I was off-work for more then a year I couldn’t fall asleep.

    I’m only affraid of one thing,what if mold allergy could be the cause of my insomnia cuz nothing else comes ti my mind as a cause?

    I really sadly can’t order those books,they don’t ship them here.

    I talk to collegues at job,after nightshift they all sleep overday for at least 4 hours,me,I can’t sleep for 5 min 🙁

    This is pathetic really.

    No one in familly had insomnia issues,but one thing is for sure it all started with stressful job,panic attacks,and antidepressants.

    I did MR and CT of brain,all good,so I suppose there is no problem with pineal gland.

    Nothing other comes to my mind what could be the fucking CAUSE of this illness.

    I read much about sleep and insomnia,but I didn’t find nowhere what it takes for a brain to shut it’s self off I mean to fall asleep?Can anyone explain me that because my brain simply won’t shut off.



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    Frozensun the cause of your insomnia is yourself, not some dust allergy. While I accept that periods of sleepless can have a physiological cause. Long term chronic insomnia is largely bad habits relating to your behaviours, thoughts and beliefs about sleep. Sleeping pills are NEVER going to cure your insomnia. Your researching cures, taking pills, talking about and focusing only on how bad your problem is is keeping it firmly in place. You need to turn that around. I slept maybe 3 hours last night and I am celebrating! I am over the moon because it could easily have been another completely sleepless night. I am only focusing on the good bits of my sleep and telling myself that I am a good sleeper because eventually it will be true again. Have you had any good nights recently or slightly better nights? Focus on them and only them celebrate them! You can change your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about sleep around. You just need to tell a different story. Quote from the book. We tend to focus on what we don’t want and what we focus on gets bigger. Also you probably have heard of sleep hygiene so stick to that too. Do you not have any online market places in your country where you can get those books. There is a good section for shift workers in the second book. The main principles of the book s are changing the negative behaviours, thoughts and beliefs about sleep to exactly the opposite to what you are doing now. The story you tell about your sleep will come true


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    Some good advice there from April38.

    Yes, insomnia can just randomly come and go – it does with me – with no obvious cause, so I think there must be a physiology element too.

    Try to learn to just accept it when that happens – and as April says, be grateful for just getting some sleep. Like you I have the odd night of nil sleep, but I celebrate when I get some, even if just 2 to 3 hours. Sleep will come in the end, even if you are v worried and stressed about sleep, the sleep drive will overpower the stress response. Practice sleep hygiene too.


    ✓ Client

    Frozen – it’s sounds like it’s time for you to start practicing some mindfulness and meditation. You can’t turn off your brain, but you can learn to calm it down. You’re caught up in all the negative and fearful thoughts running through your mind, believing everything they’re telling you. But your thoughts are only thoughts – they are NOT YOU. They can’t hurt you. Through mindfulness and meditation, you will begin to create some separation between YOU and your thoughts, by learning to “observe” your thoughts and emotions. Then it will be easier to let them go and feel calmer.


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    Hmmm where can I learn that about  mindfulness and meditation,through youtube?

    Well all these 4 years I maybe slept naturally 3 nights.Last time was at job in the nightshift 1.5 month ago,something odd happened and I slept for 5 hours.

    Since  ending in ER with 96 h seroiusly withput sleep and hallucinations doctors prescribed me sleeping pills.They couldn’t sadly believe it’s true,psychiatrists told me there is no such hume beeing who can’t fall asleep for that long,and they didn’t believe me.But sadly it happened

    I ended in ER given thorazine i.v. but that didn’t do anything just pure drowsiness and vertigo.

    I started taking sleep pills,as I mentioned maybe which ones.

    Practice sleep hygiene is good and should give results if you work normally,I mean of the suggestions is to go to bed at same time,but as a shiftworker it’s impossible for me to do so.

    Last time doctor told me,stop going to all those psychiatrists,neurologists,somnologists and giving them lots of money,accept THE PROBLEM IS YOU,AND ONLY YOU CAN FIND A WAY SOMEHOW TO FIX YOURSELF.

    When I asked her how can I fix myself she told me thats a long process and that was it.

    But I really don’t know how,and that is killing me,as much as I don’t know the cause of my insomnia.

    2 years ago I started practicing yoga for 3 months to see if there could be any help but nothing,and since I had to start walking I quit from yoga and meditation.

    So what is left for me anything to do,to try homeopathy and hypnosis which I didn’t.

    Last night I worked in nightshift,zero sleep,lay in bed recently but just can’t fall asleep.

    I feel very very tired today,unable to even watch a movie,and tonight again nightshift.

    I quit CBT because I can not do it so tired,sleepy,with nervous breakdowns,anger,depression.

    I know maybe thats not good idea,because  I quit everything so soon,when I try it,but this therapists doesn’t know anything about CBT-I,I doubt if it would help,but at least we can even try that.

    As for a book guys,I wish I could read it.

    Days pass,months pass away and the more time it spents the more I think I will never cure my insomnia,cuz I read nothing good here,and I was in hospital twice saw that people with PTSP don’t sleep even on sleeping pills,and the only one thing comes to my mind,I WILL NEVER BE CURED,the solution is to commit suicide,just don’t want to suffer anymore.

    Probably because of misery I’m still searching for physical causes for my insomnia,like that allergy.




    ✓ Client

    I’m sure you can find information on mindfulness and mediation on YouTube. Also I would look for some support with mindfulness and mediation where you live. Look for people who are practicing this where you live locally and practice together with them, especially since you seem to give up on things easily. Support will help you to keep going and to feel like you’re not so alone. Suicide is not the answer, and if you can find supportive people to talk to your troubles with, you will begin to feel more hopeful about your life.


    ✘ Not a client

    Exactly you are still searching for physical causes for your insomnia. You don’t sleep because you are terrified of not sleeping! This high anxiety is keeping you awake. Have you read my previous replies? You need to change your behaviour and your thoughts and beliefs about sleep. It cannot happen immediately but you do have the power to do this. And stop talking about suicide it is just another example of your negative thoughts and massive overreaction  response to not sleeping. Many many many people with insomnia as bad as yours have been cured. You can do it and you can still keep good sleep hygiene if you work shifts. Stop obsessing and read my previous advice again


    ✘ Not a client

    No,I don’t worry about sleep at all,I accepted insomnia really,and don’t get anxious over day at all.

    Cuz probably psychologiaclly deep in my subconsciousness there is strong belief that I can sleep on sleeping pills.And it happens.I am probably now in each way dependent on sleeping pills.

    But there are thoughts I must say about comitting suicide because as I read here and on some other forums there are very few people who got cured.And when I think about it,suicide ideas come to me.

    And saw people mostly with PTSP and very bad insomnia,not even meds can help.

    The worst part for me is having serious issues with stomach,lungs,allergy,depression,and what bothers me the most is loosing things around me.Important things like wallet,cellphone etc..That makes me cry a lot.

    Luckly I was able to find them,just forget where do I put them or simply loose them.

    Many times it happened that on parking place I don’t even remember at which place I parked the car.

    Am I loosing cognitive functions?

    April I read your post 2x but still don’t understand what is there else to try,as I told you I’m not worried about sleep at all.Most doctors think like you,and that makes me frustrating.

    Suicide thoughts,depression, is commonly linked to insomnia as you know.



    ✘ Not a client

    What to do when doctors can’t help me out?Nor any single doctor neurologists,psychiatrists,somnologists can help me out…

    What else is left for me to try.I’ve been to doctor for epilepsy and at least I could get an advice from her.

    But I didn’t.

    I wanna know just one thing,could this state of my insomnia sadly end up with psychosis?

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