1 year insomnia

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    for over a year my insomnia is only getting worse.  in the beginning i was able to sleep 3 to 4 hours if i was lucky.  in the course of a year I lost my job and ended up in hospital twice thanks to insomnia.

    i followed a cbt i cursors to no avail. i am to a point now i see a psychiatrist 2 times a month and i am on antipsychotic strong medication . is not that i did not try is only getting worse. i don’t sleep every day i skip a lot then sleep a couple hours 3 our 4, if i am very lucky 5.

    a lot of time s i am awake for 36 hours our more. is like i lost the 24 hour schedule completely, even i go a sleep at the same time 11 o’clock in the evening and waking up at 6 in the morning.i feel so alone with this the amount of hours i sleep in a week is what most people sleep in a day or two i think. and to make stuff wors my sleep apnea is stopping me from if i do sleep to have a good sleep.

    this site help me so much over the last year i think i read it back and forward a couple of times by now. here people understand if you tell someone else is like the don’t believe you.


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    what drug do you take?


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    what dossage


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    Zyprexa works for some and for some not, like all of The antipsychotics. Have you tried other meds?


    Martin Reed
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    Is your sleep apnea currently being treated, Davy?


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    @frozensun : i take 7.5 mg and if it not works i may take a extra pill                                                                    but i don’t take it every night cuz if i do the drug seems losses his power                                                              i i call it me emergency pill i only take it when i really need it

    @yellowdiamond :yes they tried so many i forgot most of them but zyprexa so far works the best

    @martin reed: the did test in sleep clinic but you have to sleep 4 hours for a good diagnosis                          but i barely slept 2 and in those 2 hours i stop breathing for more then 1/3 of the time                                    so if i start sleeping better again i need to go back for a extra sleep study                                                              but sleeping 4 hours doesn’t happen often and those test aren’t cheap                                                                    for an insomniac sleeping all hooked up with wires and a breathing machine good luck

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    I have insomnia too, and I take zyprexa too. It feels like my brain is on full speed all The time, and my sleep rythm is late. You could try take your meds earlier.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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