3 month not even one night of insomia! I made it!

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      Q1: How exactly did the course help you?

      This course has been a game-changer for me when it comes to my sleep habits. I used to feel like I was a slave to strict nighttime protocols, such as going to bed early, avoiding TV, and staying away from blue lights – all part of the traditional sleep hygiene advice. However, after completing this course, it liberated me from these restrictive habits. Now, I sleep when I’m naturally tired, without being bound by a set of rules around bedtime.
      Q2: How have things changed from when you first completed the course and now?

      The transformation I’ve experienced since completing the course has been remarkable. Initially, I used to suffer from a whole week of insomnia every month. However, after the first month of the course, I only had three days of insomnia. In the second month, that reduced to just two days, and by the third month, I hadn’t experienced any insomnia at all. It’s incredible how well I’m sleeping now. Even during my luteal days, which used to be a struggle, I’m consistently getting 6 to 7.5 hours of sleep. Occasionally, I might wake up once or twice during the night, but I effortlessly fall back asleep.
      Q3: Why do you think the course has continued to help you — three months after you graduated?

      The key to the continued success of this course for me has been my commitment to the daily exercises that Martin recommended. I made sure to practice the AWAKE exercise at least once a day, and whenever I woke up in the middle of the night. Nowadays, I still do it, but I often manage to reach the “W” stage and fall asleep quickly. Over these three months, I’ve come to realize that insomnia is primarily a mental challenge. It’s a vicious cycle triggered by something, and this course is all about breaking that cycle. It helps you tackle the trigger that set off this unusual pattern in your mind, which then starts making you believe that there’s something wrong with your body or health. Interestingly, I was almost about to spend $5,000 on another course that focused on gut health, parasites, and hormones, thinking they were the reasons for my sleep troubles. Fortunately, I found Martin and his course. I can’t express my gratitude enough to him – he’s not only given me peace in my sleep but has positively impacted so many aspects of my life. Thank you, Martin

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        Thanks for your post. I am in the battle right now. I completed the 6 week course and found many parts of it really helpful and insightful, I am still seriously struggling with this though. I took way longer than 6 weeks to finish the course too… so, I just feel all over the place and while I am implementing the strategies, my thinking is is muddled from not sleeping that its hard to consistently practice them, or do so with a calm frame of mind. I was given a book by a sleep specialist which has contradictory information in it which is confusing me as well… like that you have to leave the bed when not sleeping, where as this approach says its ok to stay in bed. But neither approach is working well for me. So… I am at a loss. I feel it might behoove me to actually do the 6 week course again from the begininng. I wonder if anyone else had to do the course more than once before they started seeing results? Thanks again for the post. Your story brings me hope.

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          I would recommend sticking to just one plan instead of two and try to follow every step consistently, eventually sleep will come

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            This is great. I’m very happy for you Dulce. It gives me hope.

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              I agree with this. I was a bit all over the place regarding all different types of information from different sources and it was overwhelming. The thought came to me to just follow one source the night I booked this course.

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                I am glad you made it through your insomnia,I hope I will be successful as you because there is always Hope for all who struggle in any situation. I am curious about The Awake exercise and how it work.

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