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    Neal Thornton
    ✓ Client

      6 months after finishing the course I’m mostly sleeping well enough and not using any medication. Still some residual fear that it might all come back again and its taken a lot of effort to let in the message that we cant control sleep so just accept what happens. But overall there’s a gradual settling down with increasingly infrequent bad patches. So if you are working your way through Insomnia recovery – take heart – the message can eventually sink into the subconscious and you can gradually settle down again. Best wishes to all fellow worriers and warriors.

      Martin Reed
      ★ Admin

        Thanks for the update, Neal!

        Whenever someone tells me they’re sleeping well enough or good enough, it suggests that they’ve made a lot of progress moving away from trying to make a certain amount/type of sleep happen. And, as you know from experience, the less we chase after sleep, the less likely we are to struggle with it!

        As you mentioned, there are still some difficult patches of sleep every now and then (just as all human beings have difficult days every now and again) — thanks for sharing that they’re showing up less frequently! Are you finding that your life is less influenced by how you sleep, too? Do you feel you’ve regained some “independence” from sleep?

        It does often take some time for a new approach to “sink in”, right? I like to think of everything the course armed you with as skills — and all skills take time and practice!

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        Neal Thornton
        ✓ Client

          Thanks Martin. Yes it’s as you describe it, I am less concerned about sleep, accepting of ups and downs as just what is happening in the body. I’ve learnt that life is liveable after poor nights and so it doesn’t worry me so much. It feels more like a gradually sinking in of fact through experience than developing of skills though there has been a lot of discipline involved in not reaching for safety mechanisms along the way its true. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot about myself and life through it all so it was clearly ‘meant to be’ in my life journey. Thanks for your help too. Stick with it everyone reading this – it’s your life happening.

          ✘ Not a client

            It is so good to hear that changes can happen. Thank you for your post.

            ✓ Client

              Hi Neal & Martin,

              I was about to post a note after my recent 6-month review, but having read yours Neal it’s uncannily similar to what I would have posted anyway.

              I too still experience some nights that aren’t what I’d wish them to be but developing the ability to separate myself from my thoughts, and to see them as just thoughts that come and go definitely has helped. I’ve also learned that if a night is an uncomfortable one it does not automatically mean the following day is a struggle – I’ve had some great days after rough nights. That all leads to the nights not being as fraught as they used to be.

              Overall, it’s my attitude toward the sleep that I get that’s made the biggest difference to me, and I’m finding myself gradually releasing the pressure around sleep so its slowly improving.
              I still slip and find myself desperate to know what the time is if i wake and it’s still dark, I can usually let that go, but not every time.

              While I’d love to know that I’ll get a solid night sleep every time I lay my head down, no longer being terrified of missing out on sleep means it is happening more often anyway. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to learn, it’s a work in progress, but a big improvement on where I started.

              ✓ Client

                Thank you for this encouraging message, Neal! I’m not there yet but it certainly gives me hope for what’s to come!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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