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    Hi….my name is Kate. I am new to this web-site (as I am guessing you can tell from the title of this post). Let's see what you should know about my insomnia… SUCKS!!! I have had to drop out of school for the umpteenth time because I sometimes sleep when I should be in class and if I don't sleep than I have no energy to focus on learning. Heck when I don't sleep I have no energy to focus on watching T.V…..I am sure you all can relate. I am working with a psychologist, psychiatrist, my GP, and soon a sleep clinic to try and figure out what all this is about. I have had trouble sleeping since I was twelve, but have found that it has gotten worse in the last year. I am currently on a drug that makes me sleep for 13 hours at a time, thus not helping my productivity…..but at least I have some energy for the few hours I am awake. I don't get caffiene…..I have cut back on the LQ….I don't have a clock in my room…..I excercise…..have tried warm baths….don't watch t.v. an hour before bed….yadda…yadda..yaddda. Anyway….I am really excited to meet people who can understand the frustration and will not tell me…”well have you just tried lying down?” Can not wait to get to know you all better!!!


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    Welcome to the asylum 😛

    Yes, unless you suffer you don't understand…and the amount of people who say going to sleep is a case of closing your eyes is frustrating and they all need a giant slap.

    So where you from? What are your interests?


    Martin Reed
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    Welcome to the gang, Kate and thank you for introducing yourself.

    You're seeking advice for your sleep issues and that's a good thing – you're willing to keep trying to get to the bottom of it, rather than giving up, which is admirable.

    Do keep us updated on the sleep clinic – a few of our members have been to them with varying levels of success. I am sure a quick search through the forums will turn up the relevant posts.

    I look forward to getting to know you better and reading more of your posts 🙂


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    I am from Colorado. I like gymnastics, baseball, and bowling. Now that the weather is getting nice I am looking forward tro getting in the mountains and doing some hikng. I also love to travel. I am headed to another state at the end of the week, and am hoping to make it to Chicago or TX this summer. I wish I could do more international travel, but it is not in the books right now.


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    Hi Kate and Welcome. I'm sure you'll get some good support from the members here and hopefully pick up some useful info that might help you. Although it's always good to see new folks joining us here it seems like insomnia is becoming more prevalent – and that's certainly not a good thing. Look forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks.


    sleepy lies
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    Hi Kate

    welcome to the forum. I can relate to your situation. I'm also working with a neurologist and my GP. I've had a test in the sleep-lab last week, but still waiting on the results.

    I hope you find the problem. Don't give up!


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    What happens in a sleep clinic?


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    As far as I can tell….in the sleep clinic they hook you up to a ton of wires and measure your brain waves as well as oxygen levels when you are asleep. I was told it would probably not be helpful for me….because you have to be asleep to be studied….and I just can't sleep. I was told that the vivid dreams I have might be related to narcolepsy….has anyone else ever been told this?

    Another question….does anyone else find that when they are not sleeping well, that they have stomach upset in the AM?

    I did read some interesting articles while I was at the doctors office. There was one about the different factors that can make a person more inclined to become an insomniasc. I think that perhaps these factors are becoming more prevalent and that is why more people are presenting with insomnia symptoms. Some of the factors involve personality traits, level of anxiety, whether or not you are easily aroused (not sexually), and whether or not you smoke.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely day of being awake!


    Martin Reed
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    'trez83' wrote on '13:

    Another question….does anyone else find that when they are not sleeping well, that they have stomach upset in the AM?

    This could be worth posting in the Insomnia forum so that others get to see it and perhaps add their two cents.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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