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    Hello everyone

    firstly I think I should apologise I joined the group and then vanished. Things have been very busy here as we or should I say I (as my husband works nights) have been decorating.

    My youngest has also been a little under the weather he is 5 months old and started gasping for no apparent reason so that hasnt helped my sleeping any. But hopefully things have settled down and I hope to be able to come on here more ofte.

    Hope everyone is well x


    Martin Reed
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    Good to see you around the place again! How's the sleep been coming along?


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    That is so hard to have a little one sick! You have nothing to apologize for. Was the cause of gasping pinned down?

    The problem we had was merely that my husband and mother both had colds when Arthur was born, so even with nursing, he got his first ear infection at two weeks, and relatively often after that.

    I did get fairly good naps when I was nursing. Due to having had an emergency c-section, I wasn't allowed to pick up anything heavier than Arthur the first six weeks, and told to nurse lying down. He'd be in the middle of the bed, the arm not occupied by baby holding out a paperback, and when he'd drop off after 40 min. EACH side, I found myself dropping off as well. There seemed to be some sort of funnel or wormhole open (SF fan here) on whose edge I'd be perched, able to let go and fall into it, finding the way to the land of sleep. I haven't been able to find the wormhole since.


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    Haha I am a bit of a SF fan myself.

    Sams gasping is either down to a viral thing or he has a floppy larynx. Either or he will be fine but it was flipping scary I can tell you.

    Martin sleep is a bit up and down to be honest I have had good nights and not so good nights. There has been so much going on here I am trying to get the house decorated while my husband works night shifts and look after 7 children, and in all honesty I am probably consuming way too much caffeine.

    Hope you are guys are all well x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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