Bedtime restriction via earlier wake-up?

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    Hi, I have been suffering from intermittent insomnia for approximately 12 months and am now starting to look at implementing CBTI techniques. Martin, I am very interested in your course but want to spend some time trying the techniques myself before committing to the cost. Thank you for all the free advice you put out.

    My problem is sleep onset, I have been struggling with very persistent hypnic jerks that twitch me awake and even wake me out of sleep, as well as general anxiety about falling asleep, likely as a result of the above. Generally I am a healthy and fit individual who weight trains regularly, eats well and does not drink much. I used to have no problem getting a solid 7-8 hrs per night, ironically until I started trying to ‘optimise’ sleep.

    My question is, can I try bedtime restriction by focusing on an earlier wake up (eg 4am) rather than later bedtime? I find these early hours more productive and feel this would help me more than trying to stay awake until midnight or later.


    Martin Reed
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    How are you getting on, TG? Ultimately, when it comes to bedtime restriction, you should choose times that suit you — it’s the duration of the window that really counts (along with having a consistent “end of the sleep window” time).

    With that being said, it can be helpful to start your sleep window at a time when you usually start to feel sleepy. Remember that the start of the sleep window is your earliest possible bedtime — so, if you don’t feel sleepy when your sleep window begins, it can be helpful to wait until you do feel sleepy before going to bed!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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