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    I've been signed up on Insomnialand for about a year now, but have been very slow to introduce myself. When I signed up, I had been suffering from sleepless nights for several years and know how debilitating and agonizing this terrible affliction can be. It makes perfect sense for there to be an online community with whom to share experiences of this condition, and Insomnialand has helped me tremendously, even though I haven't been actively posting until now. I am currently (blissfully) sleeping much better than I was. Over the last few years, my business failed, I moved 6,000 miles from Los Angeles to London to be with my (now) wife, we had a baby (now 20 months old), set up home and two new businesses, and started a new life. Oh, and about a year ago, my Dad died. But I feel very lucky. For me, getting my life on a more even keel may have taken a year or two, but it seems to have resolved many of my sleep issues. I followed a well-troden path: follow your dreams; write down your goals; get organized; get fit; cut down on alcohol and unhealthy food…all basic stuff, but it worked for me. I am very aware, however, that it is more complicated for others, and the wonderful Insomnialand community offers a home from home for those whose journey towards restful sleep is longer. My interest in insomnia hasn't ended with a few good nights, and I look forward to an ongoing dialog with the Insomnialand community. With many thanks to Martin Reed and his team.


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    Thanks for taking the time to share your story, Will. I am glad to hear that your sleep has improved considerably of late. LA to London is a big move – similar to mine; London to Oregon! Opposite direction, though!

    Based on what you've said, do you think your insomnia was down to the stress of having so much on your plate at one time? Now that things are settling down, you seem to be sleeping better – it is so much easier to deal with insomnia if there is an identifiable cause or trigger.

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    Martin, there is no doubt that stress was a major contributing factor to my sleeplessness. However, it is interesting to note that I am still under considerable stress. I now have a family to worry about, as well as three different businesses to keep on track. It raises interesting questions about the nature of different types of stress.

    I would also say that tried and tested natural treatments for insomnia played a role in the transition towards better sleep and breaking the entrenched insomnia pattern. I am not saying that these techniques and routines would work for everyone, but they are still worth a try. I had to spend quite a bit of time experimenting and finding what worked for me. Over time, I developed a combination of sleep hygiene, evening preparation and general awareness which worked for me. Number one was the practice of stress reduction techniques, including meditation, moderate exercise and yoga. I also did a fair amount of research into diet and how it affects sleep. If I continue to follow these simple practices, my sleep quality tends to improve. If I ignore them, the sleeplessness returns.

    I guess that what I am saying is that, just like maintaining healthy body weight, fitness, mental acuity and good relationships, I have found that I have to work quite hard at sleep and develop habits which I will probably have to maintain for life. I'd be interested to hear other members' thoughts on this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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