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    Hi guys. I want to share my progress.

    For more or less 2 and half year i deal with insomnia. Last half year i have by thanks of CBT-I no problem to fall asleep (in like 90 % of cases), but i constantly wake up before my alarm.

    But last month – december, i started to waking up more later and sometimes even on my alarm. So i went from avarage 4 hours of sleep to 5 hours of sleep.

    Huge breaktrough was, that i just optimalize my cyrcadian rythm. I alwas waked up aroudn 2 – 4 am, after going to bed in like 11 pm. So i started going to sleep in cca 1 am. So i naturaly trough exhaustion and tiredness push my wake-up time around 4 am. I maintain this regime more or less for one moth, and then i slowly started go to bed earlier. Now i going to bed like 11 – 12 pm and wake up 4 – 5 am. Some days i fell really good.

    And i am thankfull for this progress. but more i do some progres, more often i experience pushbacks (unexpectly waking up around 2 or 3 am). Nothing serius tho. But i recognize, that the reason why i not always wake up in 5:30 am or more specificly cannot go back to sleep, if wake up earlier, is my mind and behaving after waking up.

    I dont have anixiety in evening, but after waking up. And i dont know what to do, when i wake up early and cannot go back to sleep. I just making that behaving which empowering my early morning wake-ups and inabillity to go back to sleep.

    After waking up, i just lay in bed on go to sleep in other room, because i dont want to do anything else. But that opens window for anxiety, anger and overthinking. After waking up, i have tendency to think about work and “must do” for my day, so i dont have that classical peace of mind, which allow to body tirednes and exhaustion to take control and making me sleep. I am just super alert after early waking up.

    So what is better to do? This pattern of behavior is from my point of view the key problem why i am not able to go back to sleep.

    How to just stay calm and peace after waking up?

    What helped you? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience?


    Martin Reed
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    Sometimes it can be helpful to recognize that waking during the night is a normal part of sleep. If we find it hard to fall back to sleep that’s usually because we aren’t sleepy enough for more sleep, our body clock might be disrupted (usually caused by an inconsistent out of bed time in the morning and/or daytime inactivity), and/or because we are putting pressure on ourselves to fall back to sleep, putting effort into falling back to sleep, or trying to fight or avoid difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions — such as anxiety.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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