Can sleep apnea cause insomnia?

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    My insomnia started 3 months ago due to certain medications. I’m off the medications but the insomnia still lingers on. For much of the 3 months I frequently tried Ambien for sleep, but it was not as effective as it was years ago. I went for a consultation with a sleep doctor a couple days ago. He said the stucture of my mouth, upper airway is small and narrow. I don’t fit the the typical profile of someone with sleep apnea, being female with ideal weight and no other health issues. I did not a couple time recently while listening to a guided meditation while lying on my back, I became so relaxed I almost fell into sleep but then gagged with what felt like my throat closing and this woke me from the relaxed state.I also read that a sedative like Ambien can relax the throat muscles, then making me snore quite a bit, which would reduce my quality of sleep? Waiting to schedule a sleep study. Just wondering if anybody out there had their insomnia improve by treating their sleep apnea?


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    Insomnia can certainly co-exist with sleep apnea, although sleep apnea has some distinct symptoms.

    In insomnia, it’s quite common for people to find it hard to fall asleep at the start of the night and to wake during the night but then find it hard to fall back to sleep. Sleep apnea isn’t characterized by difficulty falling asleep, but there are often many nighttime awakenings that are short and often not noticed or remembered.

    People with insomnia generally feel very fatigued during the day, while people with sleep apnea will typically feel sleepy during the day (and are more likely to fall asleep during the day while sedentary).

    Let us know how you get on at the sleep study!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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