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    I've had chronic insomnia since I got out of the U.S. Air Force in 1987. I was addicted to Xanax for about 17 years. I also started drinking heavily (thinking this would help with my sleep). In 2007 I had kidney surgery. During my stay in the hospital, the doctor that was doing night rounds approached me and asked if I knew that I had sleep apnea. My response was no. After my sleep study, I was placed on a CPAP which I did not tolerate well. After 1 year with the CPAP, I decided to undergo major reconstructive surgery – removal of adenoids, tonsils, uvula, enlargement of my soft palette, and reconstructive rhinoplasty in an effort to enlarge my nasal cavity. After 2 years the VA ordered another sleep test and, although my results were “better”, the Sleep DR. felt I needed to go back on CPAP due to low oxygen saturation levels. As I said, I do not tolerate the CPAP (at all) so I've been trying to get involved with a new product called Provent Therapy. The VA is in the process of trying to get it approved. I am currently taking 1 mg of Clonopine nighlty and 150 mg of Amitriptilyne. I have started Qi Chong meditation and believe it or not, it does seem to help. I am 46 years old and love a better remedy.

    Best regards,

    Capt Bryan


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    I also have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and found I could not tolerate the CPAP. Interestingly enough, I know two people who have sleep apnea, can't tolerate CPAP, but yet sleep a lot. Although the quality of their sleep may not be good they are not insomniacs like you and me who have difficulty sleeping (although I have only had chronic insomnia the last two months). Would be interested in hearing about how you make out with Provent; can you tolerate it and does it really do anything to help your insomnia.


    Martin Reed
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    Welcome aboard, Capt Bryan – love the thread title, by the way!

    I think a lot of insomnia sufferers suffer from breathing problems during the night without even realizing it:

    Unfortunately, the only real 'solution' to sleep apnea is the CPAP machine – and like you say, many people have difficulty with it. Being wired up to a bulky machine is hardly the ideal recipe for a deep, relaxing sleep.

    I can't even imagine how disappointing it must have been to have gone through all that reconstruction surgery to only experience a minor improvement in your sleep.

    Hopefully with the help of other members here we can help continue your journey towards a healthier, improved sleep.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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