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    I am struggling with sleep issues. Someone suggested with CBT therapy.Is it worth considering this option than normal medication/treatment? Please share your thoughts


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    My thoughts and the consensus with most doctors is CBT-I should be the first line treatment before sleep meds. Using a non-pharmaceutical approach is safer and ends up working longer than sleep aids.


    Martin Reed
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    CBT-I is recommended as the first-line treatment for insomnia by organizations such as:

    * The National Institutes of Health,
    * The American College of Physicians,
    * The American Academy of Sleep Medicine,
    * The British Association for Psychopharmacology.

    It’s recognized as the best treatment for insomnia because it helps address the root cause of most cases of insomnia — sleep-related thoughts and behaviors.

    Medication is fine for the short-term, but it is not a long-term solution.

    I’ve worked with clients who have struggled with sleep issues for various periods of time (ranging from six months to over 30 years). Using cognitive and behavioral techniques, they were able to successfully improve their sleep.

    CBT-I not only addresses the cause of your insomnia in order to improve your sleep, but it also teaches you skills and techniques that will stay with you forever — so if sleep problems ever reoccur in the future, you will know exactly what to do to get your sleep back on track.


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    Thank you for the positive answers. I’m badly addicted to medicine without knowing it. What’s CBT– I.. especially– I? And I wonder they only use  counseling in CBT therapy? Asciail minded ppl make money with our weakness… I began to study CBT therapy… when I consult a person for this, what exactly I have to check… Please reply to me….


    Martin Reed
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    CBT for insomnia helps address the sleep-related thoughts and behaviors that typically perpetuate sleep problems and turn short-term insomnia into a chronic problem.

    You can read more about CBT-I here:


    My insomnia coaching course uses CBT-I techniques to help clients improve their sleep. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me directly or ask any questions here!

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