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Challenging Self Defeating Thoughts That Fuel Insomnia

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    Challenging Self Defeating Thoughts That Fuel Insomnia


    I should be able to sleep every night like a normal person. I shouldn't have a problem.


    Lots of people struggle with sleep from time to time. I will be able to sleep with practice.


    It's the same every night, another night of sleepless misery!


    Not every night is the same. Some nights I do sleep better than others.


    If I don't get some sleep, I'll tank my presentation and jeopardize my job.


    I can get throught the presentation, even if I am tired. I can still rest and relax tonight, even if I can't sleep.


    I'm never going to be able to sleep well. It's out of my control.


    Insomnia can be cured. If I stop worrying so much and focus on positive solutions, I can beat it.


    It's going to take me an hour to get to sleep tonight. I just know it.


    I don't know what will happen tonight. Maybe I'll get to sleep quickly if I use the strategies I have learned.

    Remember, replacing self defetaing thoughts takes time and practice. You may find it helpful to jot down your own list, taking note of negative thoughts that pop up and how you can dispute them. You may be surprised at how often these negative thoughts run through your head. Be patient and ask for support if you need it. 🙂


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    Hey Daz, I have found that booklet you sent me to be extremely valuable. That coupled with the isochronic mp3s from SleepTracks have made a huge difference on my sleep. Thanks so much for sharing, and to anyone else who's reading this that hasn't tried this method… DO IT!

    I'm only one week 1 of the “4-6” week plan…but already I've seen a difference. I really think this works — it's a fast, easy answer (like pills)…but hopefully it will last!


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    G'day Wonderhussy!!

    Wow!! That's great news. I'm so glad you tried the CBT booklet and more importantly it IS working for you! I think for some people experimenting with what works is the key. For you it was a combination of both the booklet and isochronic tones. Others might have luck with one option or another. Anyway, I'm glad it's all working out for you wonderhussy!! Take care and all the best, Darrin.


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    I just re-read my response, and what a typo: I meant to say it's NOT a fast, easy answer (like pills).

    Anyway, I am going to stick with it for 6 full weeks and see what happens. During this first week, it actually feels like I've backslid a little — I'm staying technically asleep longer, but I'm having poorer-quality sleep. But I'm not giving up!



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    Sometimes it is tough, but hang in there. It will take a while to kick in. I think the booklet says that for some people their sleeping WILL get worse for a while. Thats why it goes for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. I am past the 6 weeks stage now, but am still following the program. Be 100% dedicated to it. Remember, it is a hard situation you are trying to change and it may have taken you a long time to get to the poor sleeping situation you now find yourself in. Years of poor sleep habits are not easily broken. I had 21 years of shift work – 7 mornings, 7 afternoons, 7 night shifts, then we changed to 2 days, 2 nights, each of 12 hour duration. You can succeed. I know you will. Read my Challenging Self Defeating Thoughts post for a little encouragement too.


    Martin Reed
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    Thanks for sharing. I agree that sometimes we place so much pressure on ourselves to sleep and meet society's determined sleep duration that it actually causes sleeplessness and undue stress.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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