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    Hi, Back in June2018 I developed tinnitus with sharp sound sensitivity in which over approx 2 months included chronic migraine and New Daily headaches. These conditions created the chronic insomnia that I take Zopiclone for. Unfortunately like most sleeping meds it is becoming ineffective.I am only getting 3-4 hours a night.My eyes are continuously tired but I cannot achieve natural sleep with everything going on in my head.Waiting for a sleep study as I recorded myself heavily snoring.I desperately want to get off meds.I am in a complicated situation due to multiple conditions.Any suggestions?


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    I am not an expert but heavy snoring can indicate sleep apnea. You might want to address that first. If you need a CPAP get on the CPAP. As for Zopiclone, you should stick on that a bit longer and do CBT-I in conjunction. Once your sleep efficiency is 85%+ for a few weeks you can try to wean off Zopiclone. I would say tackle one thing at a time. That would be the order I would say you tackle.

    – Sleep apnea

    – Sleep efficiency

    – Sleep meds



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    Thank you for your suggestions.A sleep study is in the works.


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    Hello Patrick. When are you due to take the sleep study? What do you think is your biggest challenge when it comes to sleep at the present time? Do you feel that your tinnitus and migraine are the chief culprits, or do you think something else may be to blame?


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    Hi Martin,It usually takes about 6 weeks recieve an appointment for sleep study.I would have to say that tinnitus and migraine pose the biggest challenge as it effects my entire body which seems to be uncalm in a fight or flight condition.The 2nd which may even be more important would be the snoring which is responsible for waking myself up.Then sleep hygiene and adherence to it would be a necessity. Currenty I have received 1 session of Botox theray for my migraines but it was ineffective so far which is not uncommon. Have the next session scheduled in March.I have tried some relaxation listening sessions .Helps but not enough.It’s if my brain is wired to fear natural sleep or that’s what it feels like.The next important challange is to get off zopiclone in which I plan to talk with my Doc perhaps utilizing the “Ashton Plan” as despite getting sproratic sleep with zopiclone it is not restorative which adds to stress to my current state.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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