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    It's been noticed that quite a few of us don't have just sleep problems/disorders, but also depression and other “mental issues.” That being said, in this thread I'd like for us all to be nice and say something sweet about the people we've met and grown to know a bit. I'll start with three:

    Martin (Martin)- You are a great motivator.

    Lindsay (LindsayK)- You're funny and a great Mom (from what I see), even if your daughter was around when you were listening to 3oh3 🙂

    Franky (IvanAleisterMesniaa)- You're funny, too, and I adore that you always say what's on your mind. It's what makes you real.

    Now everyone else, let's compliment each other like colors 😀


    Martin Reed
    ★ Admin

    Ack, it's hard for me to only pick out a few members (I love all of you, but not in a 'cult leader' kind of way, that would be creepy). So I'll single out some members that have posted in the past week or so.

    astradaemon (Ursula) – A great writer and passionate about her beliefs; particularly the right to homeschool her son.

    emmaree (Mary) – Great sense of humour, never afraid to try something new.

    IvanAleisterMesniaa (Franky) – Always has time for his friends; regardless of whether he 'really' has time. Honest and genuine.

    LindsayK (Lindsay) – Crazy sense of humour and very mischievous. Always around to cheer people up.

    MedusaRantz (Ianoulla) – Open, honest and real. Will always make time to help people out and offer them support.

    seenafterscene (Matt) – Intelligent and a great sense of humour.

    yourfavoritecyn (Cynthia) – Passionate about music, open minded and genuine. A true breath of fresh air in the community.


    ✘ Not a client

    What a magnificent idea!

    Martin: You never fail to have a kind word and sound advice.

    Cynthia: Such a sweet and salty girl, never fails to amaze me.

    Franky: Who could ask for more?

    Matt: Love your sense of humor, friend.

    Paula: I know she hasn't been in for a bit, but she's so sweet.

    Medusa: Love your honesty.

    More will follow! You kids rock.


    ✘ Not a client

    Ooooh, this looks like fun.

    LindsayK – A “sweet” lady, genuine, kind, honest and a very good friend.

    Martin – Top bloke, good listener

    IvanAleisterMesniaa – Honest and to the point, another fun guy who commands my respect.



    ✘ Not a client

    Martin_ focused, talented and very sincere and purposed

    Heddy _( tony) always there with a kind word

    Lindsay_ you keep this place alive, funny, intelligent and caring

    Franky_ I like the way you process things and keep cheery


    ✘ Not a client

    Here's my one cent since I need the other cent to throw at little whipper snappers!

    emmaree- I like the way that all your posts put a smile on my face.

    Lindsay- Helped kept me going, and ALWAYS fun to talk to, always up for webcamming with me and always makes me laugh.

    Yamerias- Hilarious bloke, great friend and fun to talk to, and the dude loves Transformers, perfect in my books<3

    Cynthia- Beautifullllll girl<3 Fun to talk to and fun to cam with, always has something great to say.

    Martin- Amazing man right, too bad for his wife I'm stealing him haha. Put this website together and got us all together for a cause, talented and sincere. Great friend.


    Martin Reed
    ★ Admin

    This has to be one of my most favourite threads on this forum. Let's keep the good vibe going.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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