could this be more than just insomina ??

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    Before February if 2019  I never had an issue with sleep. Then I had a traumatic experience about 6 months ago  which at first left me nightmares which made it hard to sleep . The nightmares were gone with a short round of  psycho tropics  and  I was able to sleep well for two weeks.

    After that things progressively started getting worse again to the point that I can fall asleep easy enough but unassisted I am only getting two hours of sleep with often bad dreams.

    These dreams feel draining mentally  and after that I am unable to fall asleep till much later on

    Recently conclusions came to that mental situation but this problem still persists .

    I was always led to believe if you solve your mental issues your insomnia would follow.

    Could this be wrong  or am I doomed to be on sleep meds for the rest of my life .

    I have been told that the brain needs some time to heal  after a traumatic fight flight or fright situation  and that everyone is different in the time it takes to do so.

    Currently im taking .5 of Xanax and 50mg doxepin  (which im told aren’t addictive meds ) but still I have had a complete 180 degrees in my sleep and never had or needed to learn any CBT sleep hygiene skills I always just went to sleep when I was tired




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    Your experience is not unusual and fits the model of how chronic insomnia develops from a night of bad sleep with an identifiable trigger into a longer-term problem.

    I think you’ll find this video helpful: How one night of poor sleep can turn into chronic insomnia

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    I truly appreciate your input  but I’m sorry I cannot activate the link to your video when I signed in.


    I am highly curious as to what you have to say and I hope most of all that is is fixable.


    I am not sure if this can be handled through a sleep center  or this needs psychological intervention and maybe possibly both .


    Martin Reed
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    My apologies for the incorrect link. It has now been fixed but is also pasted again below:

    How one night of poor sleep can turn into chronic insomnia

    I think you would find CBT-I techniques to be helpful. If you would like some one-on-one help, you can work with me in two ways — I offer phone coaching and online coaching.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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