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    Hi all,

    I have depression and OCD. There was a time when my depression deep and have trouble falling asleep (onset insomnia) which my psychiatrist prescribe me with xanax 1 mg finally. I also experience un -refresh wake up. I think I have non-restorative sleep problem which cause by my mental disorder.  Does any expert could explain what actually happen in the brain that preventing a good sleep in depression patient ?

    Really appreciate if anybody could help.




    ✘ Not a client

    Hi Kelvin,

    Oh my your post really caught my attention, I feel I must respond, my story was similar. You absolutely MUST get off of the Xanax. It will seem like a miracle cure until it isn’t. Xanax and all benzos will slowly but surely alter the brains GABA/Glutamate receptor balance and cause down-regulation. You WILL hit tolerance as this occurs, need more and more until your life is a disaster. Xanax has an extremely short half life of 4-8 hours, which means that you WILL go through withdrawals and have very bizarre symptoms from that alone in between doses. Something like Valium would be better for sleep, but even that is a benzo has all of the same ultimate results of Xanax.

    Learn to treat the depression (NO AD’s), things like 5HTP, tryptophan can help. Get your gut healed up, gut imbalances WILL lead to all sorts of problems including mood disorders like depression and insomnia.

    There is a lot of information on the web regarding “amino acid therapy” for OCD and depression. Aminos like, l-tyrosine, glycine, and l-theanine can really help.

    Sleep onset is the result of many things all adding up to failing to fall asleep easily… Learn all of the basics, reducing light, diet, caffeine, learn techniques to release all of your daily cares before bedtime, deep breathing, yoga, prayer, ACCEPTANCE that the amount of sleep that you get being different from what you want… remove performance anxiety when trying to fall asleep, DON’T try to fall asleep…

    Find some herbal go to remedies, Kava Kava, valerian or passion flower tea (no PF if taking an AD), SunTheanine, GABA supplements, Taurine, Hylands Nerve Tonic, CBN from cannabis (CBD is not good for sleep).

    There are a few prescription drugs that can help and will not “alter” the brains balance, Gabapentin, Trazodone which is an old school AD can bring on sleepiness, flexeril and a few others.

    Try everything else before you take any prescriptions!

    Melatonin is a strange hormone, more is less! People take too much and it inhibits sleep. A small dose of .5-1mg often works much better than 5 or 10mg! Placing a small sublingual .5mg dose under tongue right as you lie down can work very well, don’t use every night or you will become tolerant and it will lose its effectiveness.

    Try 12.5-25mg of doxylamine succinate or benadryl 20 minutes before bedtime.

    Get ALL of your vitamin levels checked! Magnesium deficiency is common and can mess with sleep, take an epsom salt bath… Vitamin D3 with K2 is important, fights depression also, B vites especially B6 needs to be correct, get ALL levels checked!

    There are dozens of things that you need to learn and then do to attack this sleeplessness on all fronts, a synergistic approach is best.

    Really actively pursue God, trust him and let go, ask for his healing and guidance, ask him to lead you to the right people and answers! Maybe this web site has the answers for you…

    Get all of your bodies systems and levels fixed and the I-word may just go away on its own…

    Whatever you do, please get off of the Xanax…

    Blessings to you Kelvin…


    a possible Sleep stack

    3 hours before bedtime 500mg glycine

    2 hours before bedtime – magnesium theronate

    1 hour before bedtime 500mg glycine and 500 Taurine, 100mg 5htp

    30 minutes prior – sleepy time tea with valerian and passion flower

    as you lie down .5mg melatonin under tongue

    release thoughts, have peaceful reassuring thoughts, let go…

    alternating nights use doxylamine succinate or benadryl…


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    Martin Reed
    ★ Admin

    Hello Kelvin and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about your struggles with sleep. Do you still find it hard to fall asleep, or is your primary issue non-restorative sleep? Do you wake frequently during the night?

    Trust — Thank you for your contribution, however, I would have to disagree with many of your suggestions. Nobody should stop taking a prescription medication without talking to their doctor first. In addition, such a long list of rituals and processes (ie your suggested ‘sleep stack’) are rarely helpful. That’s because sleep cannot be controlled so going through such a lengthy routine in an attempt to control sleep is unproductive and can actually exacerbate any sleep issue.


    ✘ Not a client

    Dear Martin and Trust,

    Thank you for the reply. At the moment my issue is non restorative sleep. I think my sleep is not deep enough. I will check my vitamin level and gut balance. My OCD is religious theme by the way. I fear hell and blasphemy.

    Thanks for all your input.


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