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    Just wanted to share something that I feel I have noticed for certain in my own person now 11 day long experiment with SRT. It’s probably the most commonly read thing when it comes to insomnia and it’s probably something I always subconsciously have known, but I just wanted to push it here.

    I am 100% positive that it’s not just the later, but the MORE I play around on my phone and laptop in the few hours leading to bedtime, the more time it will take for that very sleepy feeling to come. On the nights where I put my phone and laptop away rather early and haven’t been involved with them much, I’ve realized that the sleepy feeling appears easier. Last night however, before I had a bad night for example, I can say for sure that I was on my phone and laptop NONSTOP from 6pm onward until I’d say shortly after 10 when I finally put them away.

    So, point is I don’t think its as simple as “turn all electronics off an hour before bedtime”. I think its also how much you’ve wired your brain with that blue light in the hours leading UP to bedtime. No problem with checking some stuff and being on it for a little while, but when your face is glued to these screens in the evening hours, there’s no doubt it has an effect on us when it comes time to sleep.


    ✘ Not a client

    I think blue light affects us all differently and from day to day. It is true that blue light inhibits melatonin production but if you already have enough stored up one should be able to dose off. Another factor I believe is the content. If one’s screen time is playing high intensity video games it would make a bigger difference than if one were watching a boring documentary. From what I’ve read, the amount of decreased melatonin is about 20%. Not sure the length of exposure.

    As for feeling sleepy, turning off the screens and reading, coloring, doing puzzles works better to get that sleepy feeling. I was actually considering getting a math textbook and crunching out problems to tire out my brain. Actually reminds me, suduku is good. After 1-2 of those I am more tired than before.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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