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    First of all: english isn’t my native language, so please excuse any mistakes.

    On topic:
    I’ve always been a good sleeper, but due to an anxiety crisis for couple of weeks I’m only ever sleeping every other night. Every second night is completely sleepless.
    I had to quit work since it makes me more stress and I can’t focus on days after sleepless nights.
    I’m starting sleep restriction right now but I’m feeling anxious about the end of the sleep window. It makes me nervous to see I only have “3..2..1.. hour left” to fall asleep.

    Do I really have to cut off my sleep once it has come? Do I really have to ruin my sleepful nights in the end? The feeling of having to get sleep in this exact window stresses me out tremendously.

    I hope someone has an answer for me.

    Thankyou, Judith


    ✓ Client

    Whenever the event causes a temporary sleep disruption is over, then try to move on with your life. Don’t change your sleeping habits like going to bed earlier, sleeping in, trying to sleep more, taking pills, researching sleep, asking endless questions about sleep and so on. Just continue to get up at the same time and get on with your day. It’s helpful to accept that sleep can be affected for a while and it takes time to settle down. This is normal and happens to everyone.

    Whenever you have bad nights, try not to think too much about it. It’s just a bad night and means absolutely nothing to anyone including yourself. You can tell yourself to try again on other nights and that you can do better next time. Don’t stress over it because it’s pointless and the night is already gone. Focus more on your present moment and the future will take care of itself. Ultimately, re-evaluate your relationship with bad sleep, why must you take sleeping badly so seriously? What’s so important you must sleep well every night? Is there a prize to be won for being the best sleeper? Be okay with poor sleep by slowly desensitizing yourself to it. Good luck!


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    Thankyou for the quick reply!

    However I still have questions, since I’m quite new to the topic of sleep restriction.

    As in not being able to work at the moment I can at least comfort myself that there won’t be an alarm clock waiting at the end of a night, so that at least every other night (and the following day) is good since I got a night’s sleep. The day following the sleepless night is full of worries about my future, cramps in the stomach, dizzyness, depression etc.

    If I have to set the alarm clock every night, will it not spoil the good nights (and days) as well, since the time frame stresses me out? Why set an alarm clock and not just naturally let the sleep roll once it comes?


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    These are personal choices you need to make. It’s like asking what dress you should wear to an event, what jewellery you should wear, what you should eat, etc. Because none of all that really matters. Nothing of what you are asking should be done (like whether to use an alarm clock etc) has any connection to your ability to sleep. Do whatever you like. If sleep is not the main consideration, how will you choose? Then just go along with that. Always remove sleep from any decision you make and you remove anything your mind tries to associate with sleep. Be independent and brave. DO NOT FEAR POOR SLEEP ANYMORE AND STOP TRYING TO AVOID IT! FACE IT WITH COURAGE AND HUMILITY. THIS IS THE KEY TO A COMPLETE RECOVERY AND REGAINING YOUR IDENTITY AND PERSONALITY.


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    Thankyou Chee.
    As I’m new to the forum, may I ask if you’re a client of Martin’s and if/how you yourself have overcome insomnia?


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    Yep I graduated from Martin’s course almost 2 years ago now. I sleep great now. I have a super relaxed bed schedule, bedtime is any time between 11-2 and I get out around 8-9. I am not obsessed with sleep anymore and it has stopped bothering me. The bottom line is I don’t care anymore


    ✘ Not a client

    I have been like this a month ago, and suddenly everything changed. Thing is, I can’t not care about sleeplessness since after sleepness nights my whole body is wrenched and on the edge of panic attacks.
    Martin suggests not letting your day be influenced by your sleep, but in my case it’s just impossible. I can’t teach my students like this.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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