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Fear of Insomnia

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    The biggest negative about insomnia, besides the not sleeping, is the fear of not sleeping that it generates. This causes a lot of anxiety near the time to go to bed; wondering if it will be another sleepless or mostly sleepless night. Since anxiety is also a big factor in sleep disturbance, (certainly for me), it just reinforces the no sleep process. I am starting to see a therapist about anxiety management, and I think that will help. What also helps is “havening” (look it up on YouTube) right before bed, for stress reduction. Sleeping pills make me feel “groggy” during the day. Last night, I tried a Kanha Tranquility Gummie combined with Costco Sleep3, and I got 5 1/2 hrs of sleep ( a miracle!). Also have a fan going in my bedroom to further cool the air, cool and dark are necessary. I saw Insomnia Coach on YouTube, and really liked the way Martin presents things. My biggest sleep-related worry is that I will never get back to my normal sleep pattern again.


    ✘ Not a client

    Hi Tanguera44, I think you are right on the money when you say that anxiety about sleep is a big part of it. It took me quite a while to figure that out.

    And even after figuring it out, it hasn’t meant I sleep great every night.

    I will look up “havening” as you suggest.

    I will think I will also consciously consider whether worrying about sleep helps me sleep better. Of course I know the answer is no. But maybe it helps to look at the anxiety eye-to-eye and ask, “So how exactly are you going to help me sleep?” Anxiety has to admit that well, I won’t, I will just keep you spinning.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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