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    i've mixed alcohol and sleeping pills before, nooooooo fuuuuun!!


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    'emmaree' wrote on '29:

    'Kik' wrote on '28:

    My friend's theory is that, even though I've been sleeping in there for well over a year, it still doesn't feel like my room and on some level, I just don't feel safe in there.

    I have an update on this.

    Something was lost in the German to English translation (my friend with the theory is from Hamburg). What she meant to say wasn't “safe” but “settled”. This has opened up a whole can of worms for me seeing as nothing in my life could be defined as settled right now (job, accomodation, guy headaches etc).

    So to solve my insomnia, I need to become a billionaire, buy a house and marry Chris Pine. Bring on 2011! 😀


    Martin Reed
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    Don't forget about us when you become a millionaire, Kik!


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    I wish drinking alcohol worked for me, but it makes me insanely hyper. When I drink I want to stay up all night and drink more and more. Then I still can't sleep!

    I have recently been thinking that I should move to state where medical marijuana is legal and try that. I was never a big bud smoker, but I'm thinking about giving it a try lol.

    Any experiences you want to share with marijuana to go to sleep?


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    'emmaree' wrote on '28:

    'Kik' wrote on '28:

    This is my embarassing story for emmaree 🙂

    So my insomnia comes in two parts – first I can't fall asleep and second, I can't stay asleep. Earlier this Summer, a mate came up with a theory about the second part of my insomnia.

    Before I moved back into my bedroom (on return from travelling), it belonged to someone else who still has a lot of her stuff and clutter stored in there. My friend's theory is that, even though I've been sleeping in there for well over a year, it still doesn't feel like my room and on some level, I just don't feel safe in there.

    Lately, I've been working on the first part of my insomnia by imagining being sung to by some ethereal voice to try and relax me and stop my brain from going at 100mph which has been mildly successful. On Monday I decided to switch things up and attempt to kill two birds with one stone. I imagined a certain Metal singer was in my room singing to me so not only was I relaxed, but I also had a very scary looking bodyguard watching over me. I didn't fall asleep straight away but I was close to nodding off for a long time (that never happens!) I haven't been able to replicate it so far this week but I'm going to try again now.

    Maybe I just need some friendly night time company. How about a cat? 😀

    Thats not embarrassing its cool if it helps get you to sleep,,thought about moving the girls stuff out of the room ,,like box it all and find a keep safe place for it all? Cat huh I have a friend who has lots of cat 3 actually it seems to keep him busy and obviously offers him company;P Id say anything if it helps ,,,now

    I my try the imagery thing but umm wont try metal maybe something a little more soothing rolleyes.gif


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    Love cats, but they don't sleep through the night. Dog maybe? My dad has been taking care of my dog, but I love cuddling with him in bed when he's around. He' like a big comforting living teddy bear


    Martin Reed
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    I agree with you about the cats. I can forget about sleep if they come in the bedroom!


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    I have tried marijuana for sleep and for me all it did was make me really really hungry…..really paranoid….and then I had vivid dreams. This is for sure not the case for everyone, but just be aware it might make things feel a bit crazier. I too am also tired of people telling me what to do for sleep as if they are experts and this insomnia thing is a problem I am creating. I have a bed that plays music….it has like speakers or something in the mattress. The sound waves are suppossed to help with your bodies rythms and stuff. I have found that it keeps me entertained and I do not want to get up as mucgh….but I don't think it actually helps me go to sleep or stay asleep….but it is very cool and I would say give it a shot!!

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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