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    I’ve suffering from insomnia for 4.5 years,I wrote about it.
    All that time I’ve been taking sedatives,a lot of them.
    For over a month a feel like fogginess in a brain,somehow a feeling like deatached from reality,kinda a feeling when a person is drunk.
    I thought it will pass but it’s like this for a month or so,and it scares me a lot.
    I’m not psychotic my psychiatrist told me so.
    I also make a lot of cognitive mistakes,like forgetfulness,mistakes when I put things,what I do around my self,and problems with concentrating,I can’t concentrate watching a simple movie.
    I’m scared about this these issues,and if someone experienced the same please tell me if it will pass?
    I think this was intensified 2 weeks ago when I didn’t sleep for 48 hours.
    I am taking klonopin 1 mg+5 mg mogadon,so maybe this is making me feel like this but I doubt because this feeling was an issue before these meds.
    Doctor prescribed clozapine,but it made me stuck on bed,and he doesn’t want to give up,because he told me I need sleep desperatly at a cost of feeling drowsy all day,but I can’t function on clozapine over day at all,because it makes me foggy in head and such crazy feeling in a head like confused,groggy,and I can’t even pay a bill for coffee.
    So I’m desperate what to do


    ✘ Not a client

    i can relate with you the also give me antipsychotic drug ( zyprexa).
    because it’s the only thing that give me a couple of hours of sleep.
    when i first take these drugs i was out for hours and felt like a vegetables all day.
    but like all drugs your body get used to it.
    my insomnia have become so bad i go days in a row without sleep and when i almost crackdown i take the drug.
    the drugs are and lack of sleep are responsible for your drowsiness and lack of concentration.
    i have the same symptoms you describe. i walk around like i have the flu at its worst.
    and if that is not all i have chest pain from it,high blood pressure and when i am close to me breaking point i get fever from exhaustion.
    i understand your desperation there are time the only thing i want to do is cry.and when you are able to sleep a couple of hours is like a won the lottery. you become more human again.
    just don’t give up i know what a hell insomnia can be.i had to give up a job i loved to do , lost social life and my mental health.
    if it can be any comfort to you , you are not alone.
    if you are willing to talk i am more than happy to

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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