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    Life is hard. Eventually, it becomes hard enough to where our peace and hope is shaken: anxiety grips us, sleep can suffer and then hopelessness sets in. Insomnia itself isn’t the primary issue but it is an issue that requires attention.

    My sleeplessness started at the age of 23. After graduating from college, I dove into busy work at an investment bank and my my mind would race all night given my lack of coping skills and my inability to “leave my work at work”. I can’t say there was one particular incident or issue that triggered the sleeplessness; but, once it started, it has proven to be elusive and almost impossible to shake.

    I have made some life style adjustments and attempted to manage the issue including leaving the banking industry into less stressful work, attempting CBTi with a sleep psychologist, taken every sleep med on the market and OTC drugs, but my sleeplessness persists. If I know I have to wake early the next day (e.g. 5am) or if I have a performance or presentation the next day, sleeplessness and anxious thoughts flood in and I have no sleep that night. It is so frustrating. I can’t be the best version of me if I am cross and anxious all night. There are so many negative thoughts I have about bad sleep including my body image and function the next day, my lack of desire to interact with people, my poor social skills (which suck to begin with) and an overarching feeling that I don’t want to participate in life without proper rest.

    I want to reengage with CBTi in a meaningful way: commit to waking up at the same time daily; challenge the negative thoughts around sleep; stop canceling plans just because I couldn’t sleep well; and ultimately, move on with life because it is short and we are called to count each day to its fullest. For some reason I have allowed sleep to become this monster that controls my peace and fulfillment. No more!


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    It sounds as though you are/were struggling with a lot of the stuff that’s out of your control: sleep itself, anxiety, etc.

    I wonder how much energy you might free up to do all the things you want to do with your life if you are able to drop that struggle and allow difficult thoughts and feelings to exist instead? To acknowledge their presence, allow them to come and go as they please, and do things that are important to you regardless of whether they’re currently hanging out or not?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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