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      I’m a 49 year old female, NOT in menopause and I’ve been struggling with sleep issues for close to a year now. I’ve tried everything and have just recently seen a new dr a psychiatrist that specializes in this kind of thing. He diagnosed chronic insomnia and anxiety disorder and has prescribed medication for anxiety/depression and trying to get off sleeping medication which doesn’t work anymore anyway, but even that is a tapering process.
      The new medication has side effects I don’t like of course and I’m still not sleeping. Although I’ve never struggled with anxiety/depression in my life this chronic insomnia has been a very dark period. I’ll do whatever it takes to get through this and I’m so confused about that that is.
      I’ve been trying staying up later and not getting hung up about sleep hygiene as that wasn’t helping anyway.
      I’m certain I do not have to live this way forever. If anyone can relate let me know?


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        Hi Alya11,
        Sorry to hear what you’re going through, mine also started almost a year ago as well. I understand what you mean about the anxiety, which also came about because of the chronic insomnia, one kind of feeds the other. Dr put me on sleeping pills, which I sure you understand is not real sleep but also want to get off them, and get some normalcy back into my life. There is some very good information on the forum, also some great people willing to offer information on what helped them.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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