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      Hey Guys,
      The one issue I’ve been struggling with is a behavioral thing when it comes to falling asleep. So I get super sleepy and as soon as I go to fall asleep it’s like I’m hyper focused on watching myself go to sleep and then I can’t. It’s beyond frustrating. Did anyone of you deal with this and how did you get past it. It seems to be the one thing standing in my way. Thank you for any tips and advice!

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        Absolutely! I think that is something many of us struggle with, myself even to this day. I’ve been sleeping better, but still struggle with this performance anxiety so to speak more often than I’d like too. To a degree I think it is because we still haven’t fully let go and/or fully accepted wakefulness. There’s still some residual fear perhaps of not sleeping. Somehow we still think we can control all of this. I’m not sure why some nights are better and some are worse for me. But I’m definitely trying to work through this as well.

        I don’t have any great advice or tips and would be interested myself to hear other opinions. But I do think this is very common and with time and practice we can get through it.


          Thanks for posting, @TwinsRM! Can you describe what you referred to as, “hyper focused on watching myself”?

          also offers valuable perspective on our acceptance of wakefulness and how that could relate to your current experience.

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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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