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      I have been working on improving my sleep for about 3 months now. Watching a lot of Martin’s videos has been super helpful, though sticking to a 6 hour sleep window wasn’t easy when it might include one or even two hours of being awake in the middle. But over the last ten days or so I have been seeing a great improvement. I fall asleep right away, be awake for only half an hour or so (maybe even less) in the middle and wake up a few minutes before the alarm. It’s great. But here is my question: In spite of getting almost the six hours of sleep that I need, I have found myself being really tired (or sleepy) during at least part of the day, more so than before when I got much less sleep. What is my body telling me? Has that happened to anyone else?

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        I’ve experienced this myself and have seen it mentioned elsewhere that this can be pretty common. A lot of times hyperarousal can be present almost 24/7 from what I understand and to a degree that keeps us wired. As we start to understand all of this more and and as we start to improve, that hyperarousal will start to fade and as a result there can be some of that daytime sleepiness. I wouldn’t stress or worry about it. Just do your best to accept it as part of the journey.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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