Hello-Chronic Insomnia 25 years

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    Hello everyone,

    I have read through a lot of your posts since finding this website and my heart goes out to everyone struggling with this problem.  I have been suffering since my late 20’s. I am 51.  It was a simple thing that caused mine which was an article I read in Shape magazine that talked about how dangerous it was to get less than 8 hours of sleep.  I went from being the best sleeper among my family to the worst. I wish there was a way we could have certain memories erased!  Maybe a future cure?!? My insomnia unfortunately became rather severe.  I have had cycles that have gone way more than 3-4 nights of no deep sleep.  I had one that lasted 3 months with light sleep only.  Granted, it was at least “light” but believe me when I tell you, it was not deep. During such times, I tell myself the brain is getting “microsleep” and that my body is still resting. It is obviously true otherwise I would not be here. 🙂  I am also very healthy despite what the medical world may say about lack of sleep! So I find comfort that the body will do what it needs to do even when we worry or what we are told what lack of sleep is doing.  I have often felt that dying would be better than living with this, but then I think of the things I have been blessed with including my husband, kids, and precious memories.  It is unfortunate I do not physically feel great for a lot of what I experience in life, but I have been able to at least think better about it over the years. Two main things is to carry on as normal as possible, and to take the best possible care of myself in every other way such as exercise and a good diet. I believe in things like maintaining a good sleep environment, however, I have never found CBT-I  helpful.  Logging my sleep and thinking about my schedule in so much detail just brings more attention to the problem. I was excited to see the ACT-I as I think it looks to be more reasonable and realistic at least for me. Thanks to Martin for providing this site and services as well as to all here who post for help and to share ideas.  I don’t wish this one anyone, but it is encouraging to see I am not alone.


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    It sounds awful to suffer with insomnia as long as you have,and to have developed it at a younger age ( I think a lot of people on here were older when they had insomnia)


    It must be horrible to live with for so long and feeling like you you have it forever now! 🙁


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    Thank you Carls. It has been difficult, but I can at least say that I have had good days and still enjoy life as much as possible. It is just a shame I could never really overcome it. The brain is certainly tricky, but I am still hopeful and I never stop looking for tips and finding new or better ways to help myself.  Thanks again and have a great weekend.


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    Hi White Lori 

    Your post is encouraging because of your positivity with your situation. I struggle with staying upbeat while dealing with this. Thank you for the great reminder, and sorry for your many years of trouble sleeping. I pray it finally improves for you! 💙




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    Thank you so much Christine.  I’m sorry you are struggling to stay upbeat.  It is not easy at all.  I will keep you in my prayers and thank you for praying for me.  It means a lot!


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    Welcome to the forum, whitelori and thank you for sharing your story. The myth that we all need eight hours of sleep does so much damage and is the trigger for so much insomnia — it is something that we need to get rid of and the sooner, the better.

    The good news is, just as the idea that we should all be getting eight hours of sleep has no evidence to support it, there is no evidence to say that insomnia causes any health problem whatsoever.

    Many people feel that keeping a sleep diary is going to make sleep more difficult but are then very surprised at just how helpful they find it once they get into the routine of filling it out. CBT-I techniques themselves can definitely be challenging for the first few weeks, but I strongly believe they are the best way to improve insomnia for the long-term and within the shortest amount of time.

    I am yet to talk to someone who has recovered from chronic insomnia using ACT for insomnia — but I am sure the techniques could be helpful for some.

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