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    I have had a difficulty with sleeping my whole life, but have always been able to get to sleep and stay asleep for a decent amount of time. About 4 months ago I had to take a medication that caused insomnia that also happened to start at a time when my husband started a new job and we had just dealt with some tremendous behavioral issues with our daughter, I started to spend endless nights tossing and turning and barely sleeping at all. I have made a little progress since then. I am usually able to fall asleep right when I get in bed, but nearly always wake up at 4 and can’t get back to sleep and I find it difficult to make myself get up and do something else when I know my alarm is going off in 2.5 hours. I also still have a night of near sleeplessness nearly once a week. My husband works an overnight shift and comes to bed at 4 on his nights working so I think that may be part of the reason why I wake up at 4 nearly every night. I am thankful that most nights I get 5-6 hours of sleep after not getting but a couple for so long, but I feel chronically exhausted and I am ready to get back to good deep and long sleep again.

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