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    I can,t sleep, I think i tried every thing but there two seems like my last hope, but i’m so tired i can’t get it. It got so bad i don’t sleep at all, i just lay in bed and wait till morning and somehow it goes pretty fast. I need help with understanding one or both of these algorithms
    Wake therapy – this one seems less complex but this guy looks menancing

    How to Sleep Like a Baby Even When Every Sleep Aid Has Failed

    How do i determine my initial bedtime if i don’t sleep at all, i would like to wake up at 7am or at least something in between 7 and 8 am. If i substract 0 it doesn’t make sense. i have 2 hours and 32minutes till midnight and i wonder about pulling an all-nighter.
    The algorithm: 24h lifestyle in DSPS – this one is complex as fuck but the source seems more creditable
    Determine the length of the waking:
    Let’s say 17,5 like in example but i don’t have idea
    Determine the preferred waking time:
    7am, 7+17:30 = 0:30 + Jump out of the bedroom, Light the room, Do some push ups or preferably running if possible
    Religious bedtime :
    7+17:30 = 0:30, Can be earlier if somehow i “know” that i will fall asleep and sleep like a log. If insomnia persist sleep even less than 6:30 (what)
    Start the algorithm:
    I don’t get it, am i suppoe to wake up at 4Am and then begin the algorithm OR run “free run cycle”. But what is a “full free run cycle”? Free run from what i get is just going to sleep when you are tired as fuck and you can hardly keep your eyes open, and wake up without soemone waking you up (good luck with that), but what is a ” full cycle” is it just single free run sleep?
    Protected zone: 3 Hours of doing nothing, how is it suppose to not drive me crazy? And there’s no way i can avoid my roommates.


    Martin Reed
    ★ Admin

    This is all very complex and I am not surprised you are confused — reading your post has me confused, too!

    Ultimately, the best way to improve sleep if you have chronic insomnia is through the implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) techniques.

    One technique is sleep restriction — and this simply means allotting a more appropriate amount of time for sleep to help build sleep drive and reduce the amount of time you spend awake during the night. If your average nightly sleep duration is very short, it can be helpful to start with a short sleep window of around five to five-and-a-half hours and stick with that for at least two weeks.

    You might find this video helpful: How sleep restriction can improve sleep even when you’re only getting a few hours of sleep.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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