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    'seenafterscene' wrote on '15:

    The PDR is like a book of fun to me, I too can get lost in it. My diagnosis is a bit misleading, because usually I get something like bipolar, but that's not entirely true as I don't necessarily fit the proto-type of that. More often than not though I get a diagonosis of bipolar, some psychosis, multiple anxiety disorders, and chronic insomnia of course.

    I'm actually somewhere between “Bipolar NOS” and “cyclothymia”. I am responding to a bipolar's treatment, so my DSMIVR code doesn't matter too much. However, for some studies, I am not bipolar “enough”, probably because my hypomanias are so subtle and fleeting and don't happen before/after each depression, nor do they last for at least 4 days (4 hours, maybe, some of them).

    Such fun we live!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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