I believe we are living in a dictatorship now instead of a democracy

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    I have realised that my head won't switch off at night because I get so frustrated during the day! I think about everything that has happened throughout the day and my head keeps me awake. That makes me worse because I also have MS and my body NEEDS to rest. I have the worst sleep pattern in the world and get more anxious about going to bed because it means I am alone with my thoughts so I end up being restless!!

    I have started a blog because I'm pretty sure that people on here would hate me if I were to do my ranting on here!! If you get bored at night in the wee hours, have a read! Let me know what you all think! 🙂 thanks xx

    Good luck for getting to sleep tonight!! 🙂 xxxxx


    Martin Reed
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    We love a good rant here at Insomnia Land! You mentioned that you believe we living in a dictatorship rather than a democracy in your topic title, but don't go into any more detail in your post – feel free to do so. Although we focus on insomnia here, we also like to have discussions about other topics. Even politics isn't off the table!


    ✘ Not a client

    I believe that there is no such thing as a democracy any more!

    We all have the right to vote, so that must make it a democracy…why?

    When we are given the 'right' to vote, we must choose between a SET number of people!

    In Britain, you pretty much have 3 main parties.

    Last election day, most of the UK were sick of every politician in the country due to the 'expenses scandal'!!

    That meant that people who would normally vote, gave up! I did, but I know for a fact that every member of my family/friends that didn't vote said “they're all the bloody same” Which I did agree with but knew it was important to vote so I went for Lib Dem because they have always been the “alternative” party.

    When the votes were counted, Conservative had majority but not with enough to win the prize on their own so 'persuaded' Nick Clegg to sign up with them! Swap the word persuaded with 'bullied' and I reckon that would be more true, but nobody knows!

    Once Cameron and Clegg were united in a coalition government, our country started to fall apart!!

    Cameron is in it for what rich people can get out of Britain in monetary terms! Clegg, according to his party, was going to focus on student etc etc. Since the 'coalition' has had CONTROL; they have put more pressure on people without jobs; that are disabled; that have mental health issues, and so on by having review after review of benefits! Making the poor, poorer and more miserable than they already are; Making the rich, richer and more arrogant and selfish than ever before!

    I want to understand why Clegg went with Cameron when he could, quite easily, have gone with Labour, the other party – whose policies were along the same lines as Lib Dem! In my opinion, Clegg wanted to be known as Prime Minister in his lifetime so went for the glory and power, instead of a HAPPIER world for the majority of British people!

    Britain are known for their high teen pregnancies, STI's, binge drinking, smoking, drug taking and crime! They might be known for other stuff too but, I don't care about those ones!

    As a society, being different is WRONG!! Yet we are not allowed to discriminate!

    Long story short…there is no COMMON SENSE left in politics any more!

    The poorer people are rebelling by not working! They would quite happily leave the country but they can't afford to so it's a vicious circle!

    The richer people are following what the government say. In doing so, they are getting richer! But they then have the cheek to complain about the poor people!

    In my opinion, if they don't like it…MOVE!! They can afford to. If they don't want to then that is THEIR CHOICE! As such, they should stop complaining!

    This, obviously, is not going to happen! But, surely, this should be the point at which the PM steps in and does something!

    Politics are too complicated! They write their manifestos in 'proper' English, so the only people understanding what they are going to do are well educated people.

    Have you ever tried reading Shakespeare?? I had to read 3 different ones in High School and have read NONE since because I never understood a word of it until our teacher translated!! That is what we need to do to POLITICS!

    In a fair and just world, there would be another election but, instead of having to choose between the better of 3 evils, there should simply be

    Government [ ]

    No Government [ ]

    People have to UNDERSTAND what voting is! Most people I know who don't vote are so annoyed and frustrated with Britain! They know what they want to do with their lives but, because of certain circumstances in their own past, may not have the right BIT OF PAPER to say they can do the job they want to! People are so disheartened by failure that they give up. Some commit suicide, others get depressed and go on tablets, most of which have “can cause suicidal thoughts” on the label! Where is the sense in that?!!

    There were 29,691,380 votes counted last year in the general election in Britain

    Doctor's wrote 39,100,100 (approx) prescriptions for anti depressants in 2009, and more in 2010 but couldn't find figures online.

    That was just in England too!

    If politicians spoke in normal language, maybe more people would listen! They have spin doctors and probably 20 different people that 'correct' anything he does even contemplate writing himself and nobody believes a word of it anyway!

    Replace their spin doctors with top class comedians and there might be a swift change in the language that the public get to hear! But probably also the truth might be told so we KNEW EXACTLY what we were voting for!

    Only the well educated can understand politics so, if you ever fail at any point in your life, you will remain a failure until the day you die because you have the right to vote, but nobody has ever explained that you should if you are not happy in your life but happy in Britain!!

    Does that make sense?

    Any questions, just reply and I will try to answer them! 🙂


    Martin Reed
    ★ Admin

    Maria – You certainly seem passionate about your politics. Have you ever thought about getting involved yourself? You know, be the change that you seek and all that.

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