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      I am a women who started menopause last yr. In the beginning it was just a constant wake up every 2 or so hrs due to hot flesh. Then all of sudden, for 3 nights I couldnt sleep – and I am talking an entire night not able to sleep. Understandably I panicked. I decided to start hormone therapy to help the sleep -before i was trying to tough it out. Also i should mention this initial happening of not able to sleep happened during my COVID infection – I had a very mild covid, sleep for a day, it was already much better. Then the sleep problem happened – so in the back of my mind I always wonder if covid did something to my nerve system/brain? After the hormone therapy I was sleeping fine for maybe 2 months, even though I still wake up from hot flashes. Then i would have nights of not able to sleep when I had night activities suck as playing pickleball or take dance lessons. So I stopped all that to not stimulate myself late into the night. But still i went down a rabbit hole – i started worrying, i had anxiety attack… So i would have poor nights of sleep… I was exhausted so I started on Ambient (2.5mg) pill. Then i went on a vacation – not knowing how my body would react. During the vacation I decided to wane myself off the pill – initially my sleep was still not good, but toward the end of vacation i was able to sleep! When i got home, i was little anxious again, but I was able to sleep for 2 nights. Then the problem starts again. Ever since then, it has been a roller coaster. In the period of time, i read a couple of books – Sasha Stephens, Guy Meadows’s books. I learnt a lot about sleep and understand it is the hyper-rousal is keeping me from getting sleep. So during this period, some days I would just be relaxed knowing the reason for not able to sleep (indeed, at times I wondered what’s wrong with me before reading the books) and slept well, but some days not. But recently it got really bad again – so i wanted to start CBTi. But on bad nights, i am only getting 1-3 hrs of sleep (amazingly if i can get 4 hrs of sleep my body is already very happy and i can function reasonably well). How do I implement the sleep restriction? by going to bed at 3 or 4am? Also some nights I am awake almost all night – how am I going to implement getting out bed when I cant sleep? I know very well the anxiety is the culprit of my problem, but I cant seem to find a way to control it, even with trying the acceptance technique. Many videos talk about not reacting to thought or accept the thought – but my problem is that my body just start panicking (knots in stomach, hard to breathe) without even there is a thought (or at least i feel that way), it just starts automatically panicking. I feel like i know all the theory, yet I cant implement it or control my emotion. I know my body is capable of sleep, and the problem is all caused by me, myself, yet I cant get out it. I feel I am completely stuck. I also feel I am stupid for letting myself stuck in this rabbit hole.
      Pls help.


      PS – i also do want to ask, is Insomnia just part of menopause, because of hormone imbalance? Because there are nights, i lay there, i feel i am calm and still cant sleep.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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