I want to be free from insomnia forever!!!!

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    I have been following Martin reed for sometime now.I’m crazy about good sleep and will do whatever it will take and sacrifice to get a good night of restful sleep.But some nights decent sleep eludes me and I panick thinking maybe the insomnia has returned,These panic attacks further worsen my sleep for weeks.I want to be able to overcome insomnia at least in my lifetime.And that’s why I have opted to joined this forum,Thank you.









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    Welcome to the forum, Samuel. It’s worth bearing in mind that everyone experiences nights of bad sleep every now and again — so if you find it hard to sleep every now and then it’s not necessarily a sign that your insomnia has returned.

    At times like this, it’s best to try to identify (and resolve, if possible), the cause of your sleep disruption (for example, work or personal stress) rather than attempt to compensate for poor sleep by implementing behaviors that will make sleep more difficult (such as going to bed earlier, staying in bed later, cancelling plans with friends, calling in sick to work, etc).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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