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    So I haven’t slept in about 7 days. Not talking about just sleeping a few hours a night, but 0 hours. I go to bed at night, close my eyes and just can feel my mind up and running until after a few hours I stop thinking and get in a meditative state. After a couple of hours I open my eyes and it feels like I just haven’t slept and my head pounding. I’ve been trying everything I can think of. Melatonin, Chamomile tea, no devices hours before bedtime, exercise in the AM, soothing music, reading before bed and nothing has worked. My body is starting to ache. This all started last week one night. I had a stressful thing happen right before bed, and I then woke up around 2am and checked my phone and stayed on it for the rest of the night because I just had a lot on my mind. The next day, bam..I couldn’t sleep at all. I felt horrible! My blood pressure is pretty high. Now it feels like my head has adjusted to it but I can still feel sluggish and certain things happening to my body.


    Martin Reed
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    Welcome to the forum, Syndic. Let me start by reassuring you that it’s quite likely you at least got some sleep over the past seven days (it probably occurred during that “meditative state” you described).

    Normally when sleep is disrupted by a specific event it soon gets back on track and recovers by itself, as long as we avoid compensatory behaviors like going to bed earlier than normal, staying in bed longer than normal, napping during the day, canceling plans with friends, etc.

    I suspect that, as long as you stick to your normal routine, your sleep will likely recover by itself very soon.

    I hope this helps.


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    Do you think it will go back to normal even if I’m stressed about it? This is the longest it’s been with this issue and I’m panicking. I know that doesn’t help but it’s hard not to. My blood pressure is going crazy. It’s flaring an autoimmune disease that I have. I read that the more you try to sleep, the worse it gets. I find myself trying to do everything to get my sleep back to normal, so do I just stop doing that and stay up as long as I can?


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    Hi Syndic – if you stress about your sleep it will only make it worse. You may want to check out the book, The Sleep Book by Guy Meadows. It’s all about learning how to relax in bed again so that you naturally fall asleep. He gives you tools to help calm yourself down such as mindfulness and explains how to use them for insomnia. Since this only started a week ago there’s a good chance that you could recover soon if only you could stop worrying about it. I know that’s not easy to do though so the book might help. I say “recover soon” but it could take a few weeks since you’ve been struggling now with this for a week. But in comparison to others here on the forum who’ve had insomnia, a few weeks is a very short time to recover.


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    I just want to thank you guys for the support. I feel like I may have come off as all over the place, so I apologize if I did. Deb, yeah I’ve noticed I’ve been thinking about it too much. It really is hard not to, but I will do my best. I will look into that book, thank you! Yeah I’ve been reading other stories and it’s sad how long some have experienced this, I can’t even imagine. I’m going to start CBT tomorrow. I failed last night by going to bed earlier than I should have.


    Martin Reed
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    I think you’ll find CBT helpful, Syndic — are you doing CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) specifically? Please keep us updated!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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