I'm not sure if I have any negative feelings towards sleep

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    One thing I see mentioned in articles is how your emotions are associated with bed and sleep. For me even though I have sleep issues (morning wakefulness/ can’t stay asleep long enough) I feel mostly indifferent towards sleep and bed. I don’t feel anything like stress or anxiety when I wake up early or go to bed.

    Does this mean it isn’t a factor in my sleep problem? Is it possible that it is and I’m just not aware of it?



    Martin Reed
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    Welcome to the forum, yawning! If you feel indifferent towards sleep, what is your concern about sleep? In other words, what prompted you to find this website and join the forum?


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    Hi Martin, thanks for replying. I have trouble staying asleep. No matter what I’ll always wake up during the night most of the time falling back to sleep for another hour or two. Plus I often feel fatigue during the day, sometimes yawning as early as 10am having woke up and got up at around 6am.

    I have been reading your email course though and come to realise that I do have negative feelings towards sleep. I don’t worry about sleep in the moment or about how I’ll feel the next day. I blame sleep for a lot of my problems and if I didn’t get much sleep I would “write off” a day because I didn’t get much sleep compared to my normal amount instead of paying attention to how I felt I just falsely assumed the worst. I am working to replace this with a more positive attitude towards the sleep I get and let go of negative thoughts towards how much sleep I got. If I got an hour less sleep than I normally do then knowing that would negatively affect how I felt even on the assumption that I would be more tired because of it instead of paying attention to how I felt.

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    I think I understand what you mean, yawning. I used to feel very worried and anxious about sleep in the past, and as a result had a lot of trouble falling asleep. When I learned not to fear sleep, I started sleeping much better, until I was struck with this new kind of insomnia. I still don’t get anxious going to sleep and fall asleep easily most of the time, but like you can’t stay asleep long enough to feel good.

    I think that maybe I personally do get a little anxious when I wake up, though. Or at least I’ve come to look at these early morning with dread after all this time.

    But you’re right, not everybody “fears sleep” and thus can’t sleep. I wish it was that simple, but there are other reasons why people can’t sleep.

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