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    Ive been trying sleep restriction for 2 years now and still havnt conquered insomnia. Is it time to give it up? Is the sleep redtriction causing me arousal itself?

    Does the initial trigger have to dissappear before you can get better from insomnia providing of course you have worked on any sleep anxiety that may be perpetuating it and got the behaviours down? Or can sleep restriction/ sleep drive cut through other mental health issues too ie gad depression etc even if they are unresolved.

    To put you in the picture my initial trigger was some anxiety/ocd which to some degree has dialled down a bit but still present. Is it possible that this is what could be perpetuating my chronic insomnia along with some sleep anxiety. My behavious i believe are flawless. I get up same time every day, dont go to bed until sleepy although this can be tricky as rarely feel sleepy. Dont do all the other nonsense ie pillow spray etc and i have a tight sleep window of about 6 hours.

    Last night fell asleep around 1ish but woke up at 2:30 couldnt get back to sleep well if i did i wasnt aware or very fragmented

    Is it ok to do something relaxing in bed until you feel sleepy rather than staying up out the bed until you feel sleepy. Does relaxed calm wakefullness make an ascociation with the bed or is it just worried anxious wakefullness

    I know we say the initial trigger is not what causes chronic insomnia but what if the trigger perpetuated even in the background somewhat?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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