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    Hello, I’m 34 yo male living in California and developed some significant sleep challenges in the past 3-4 months. It’s hard to say where they started, but I think that over the last couple of years I might have over-indexed on sleep hygiene (think melatonin every night, earplugs, eye mask, noise machine, etc.) and as a byproduct perhaps put too much concern into sleep. I believe that I also have higher levels of anxiety than the norm. I sometimes would have a poor night of sleep but rarely multiple nights in a row. I was also getting the occasional bad migraine and a doctor asked about my sleep. I admitted it might be a factor.

    The first time I remember the poor sleep lasting multiple nights in a row was last November. My fiance, who I almost always slept in bed with, was visiting her parents for the holidays. I couldn’t sleep and my heart was racing, chest pains. I went to a doctor to run an EKG and he said everything was normal. I slept pretty well after that. Then the sleeplessness became more frequent this year – perhaps a couple of times a week, where it would often be triggered by a hotel stay (unfamiliar mattress, excessive noise, etc.)

    And then in the last month or so it’s gotten really bad. Sleeping through the night (more than a couple of hours) less than half the days. As a result, my thinking is clouded, my neck has been super sore, anxiety levels have soared, heartburn and indigestion, etc.

    I’ve listened to the podcast and signed up for the email course and tried to implement sleep restriction (go to sleep at 12:30am and up at 6:30pm) and stimulus control for close to a week, but I haven’t seen immediate results. I do get sleepy and nod off for a few minutes at a time around 9-11 pm while my fiance and I watch a movie, but as it gets closer to bedtime, often anxiety kicks in – even subtly – and I might try to meditate or listen to relaxing music, etc. but I struggle to go to sleep. It’s like the sleepiness evaporates, I can’t relax, and every sleeping position doesn’t quite feel comfortable.

    Any thoughts on what I can try differently?


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    Same story here!!!!
    I am in the first week of SR and its worse than ever, anxiety level so high, and amount of time sleeping POOR.


    Martin Reed
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    I wonder if the “missing piece” might be the struggle with anxiety? For as long as we try to fight or avoid anxiety, we’ll continue to get tangled up in an endless (and exhausting!) battle with it.

    The more we try to sleep, the more we try to avoid wakefulness, the more we try to control our thoughts and feelings, the more challenging all these things become — because we cannot control them!

    I wonder if making space for anxiety to exist, to acknowledge its presence and allow it to hang out for as long as it likes, might be a huge weight off your shoulders?

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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