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    On my 53rd birthday last year I was feeling so ill from my insomnia, I found my self doing a desperate Google search not expecting to find anything useful. But I found the Insomnia Coach course and I can only describe it as life changing. Up to that day, I had resigned myself to living a life feeling like half a person after battling insomnia for 10 years. My average nights’ sleep were between 1 and 3 hours, and many nights I would not fall asleep at all. I had seen two sleep specialists, tried every new natural therapy possible (and wasted hundreds of dollars over the years), and had also taken loads of sleeping pills, which had stopped working in the last year. I had decided that insomnia was my “disability” and I just had to live with it, but that day I happened to find the link to Martin’s insomnia course. After a few days mulling it over, I decided I had nothing to lose and enrolled. I cannot say enough how amazed I was at how well it actually worked. I wont say it was easy – the first 4 weeks were hard for me but Martin has lots of tips on how to get through it. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques are so good and I still use a lot of them now. I was amazed that an online course would work where visiting a specialist did nothing but make me more frustrated. It has been so amazing I still haven’t quite got used to falling asleep within 20 min of going to bed and not waking until the morning. I now get at least 6 hours of usually unbroken sleep a night and am starting to be able to manage to do things in the day that I had stopped doing due to lack of sleep.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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