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    Phil Salmon
    ✓ Client

    I’m about 7 months finished with the program. Everything is not perfect or back to normal but it is much better.
    I found Martin’s answers frustrating at times but…I never would have got to where I am without him. I also want to say there was no quick fix. It was 5 months before I saw improvement in falling to sleep MOST nights quickly. I would have given up much earlier believing it was never going to work without Martin constantly telling me to hang in there and giving his PC answers. First 5 months I slept at nights between 2 – 4.30 hours. Finally I am getting a more consistent pattern of 4 – 6 hours most nights. Two comments to finish. Not sure I would have ever got off medication without Martin’s input. Secondly- be prepared for a long battle. Success is not quick for all of us but continued implementation of his program seems to have got me to a better place.


    ✘ Not a client

    Phil – thanks for sharing your experience. Recovering does seem to be a long process and like you mentioned, no quick fix. However by letting us know your experience, I can have realistic expectations to sleeping better and won’t get anxious when it is not happening as fast as I like.

    For most normal sleepers getting 4-6 hours of sleep would seem awful, but I know going form 2-4 hours to 4-6 hrs nightly must seem so refreshing and I hope you continue to improve. I’m about where you are now. Maybe once every two weeks I might get an 8 hour sleep night in, but still looking at 3.5-6.5 hrs per night. I’m also glad you were able to get off pills. That has been difficult for me, but find I can go longer and longer stretches without them, and that feels very good. I had terrible insomnia starting mid-March 2019 due to a long acting medication. I think it finally left my system beginning of July. From the 2nd week of July to now I’ve am very slowly improving, and realize it may not be until November until I am almost normal.

    And although I have not used Martin personally, the information he shares, his videos and this forum are so helpful and supportive, I’d also like to thank him too.


    Martin Reed
    ★ Admin

    Thanks for sharing these kind words, Phil. I know that sometimes my answers to questions can be a bit frustrating because I am so keen to ensure that every client implements CBT-I techniques correctly to help ensure their success.

    In addition, without that person looking over your shoulder to keep you accountable, it can be hard to stay consistent with CBT-I techniques when you are first learning them!

    As you know, the results you are enjoying are down to your own efforts. I am merely the guide (and, of course, your #1 cheerleader!). Keep going and your sleep will continue to improve — I look forward to another positive update when you reach the one-year anniversary of your graduation!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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