maximim strength my foot!

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    cherrychapstik writes:

    One out of the four people I've talked to scared me half to death about taking Ambien and made me feel like a drug addict. He was older, and I've heard this is common in older doctors.

    Sure is!

    The rest of them said with the severity I am experiencing insomnia it would be a good idea for me. My counselor said, “If someone broke their leg, would you tell them not to use crutches? Your sleep is broken right now, and this might be your crutches. Sleep is the most important thing right now. We'll worry about the pills after you get it.”

    Same for depression & other mental illnesses, only insulin for diabetics is the framework there. Wise counselor!

    My doctor (not the old guy. I only went to him once) said, “Are sleeping pills the best thing? No, but if you had to be on them for the rest of your life it wouldn't be the worst thing ever. If that's the only way for you to get any sleep, I see the pros outweighing cons.” You should talk to your doctor. They aren't for everyone, but if it's serious enough they might just be for you. You hear a lot of terrible things people say about them, but I'm telling you that if I hadn't taken them I'd be sitting at an hour of sleep a night. I still don't sleep that well, but the four or so hours they give me is precious.

    I'd grab anything legal if it helped me sleep. I seem to have found my method to turn off my active brain, and thus sleep longer, if not better.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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