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      Im a new mum to 11.5 month daughter and im averaging 4/5hrs per night with worries before going to sleep that she will just wake me up any moment, as nights have been difficult since day 1.
      I find myself waiting for her to cry to feed her and can never Just drift off. Im still breastfeeding x2 per night (sometimes more!)
      Ive been trying to avoid sleeping tablets but do take promethazine when its 2am and im still wired, and extremely tired but just can’t fall asleep.
      Ive read success stories from insomnia coach & would love to overcome this awful insomnia, to be able to drift in and out of sleep once ive came to bed & so I can get back to sleep once ive fed her too.
      I worried il never be able to sleep properly again. I go back to work in March and im a nurse, and really want to go back with a fully functioning brain, which seems like a mile off.
      Thanks for reading any advice would be appreciated. Thank you 🙂

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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