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      Hello All

      I’m hoping someone out there has had the same experience as me as I am completely at a loss with it all.

      It all started about 5 months ago.

      I would go to sleep fine & wake up in the night in a sweat. Fall back asleep but feel like I hadn’t slept.

      Gradually over the weeks this got worse to the point where I couldn’t get to sleep at all.

      I’ve been to the docs prescribed amitriptyline – worked intermittently then not at all.
      Phenergan – didn’t work, just made me sweat.
      Zopiclone – worked for one night then became very ineffective.
      Mirtazapine – worked for 1 week – currently on 2nd week & have become ineffective.

      The one thing that worries me about my insomnia is I have no natural feelings of tiredness anymore. It’s just pure exhaustion. I went 48 hours unable to fall asleep & finally succumbed to it & fell asleep for half an hour.

      This all happened at a time where I had started exercising & improving my fitness, therefore my mental health & sleep should have been better than ever. I don’t get any DOMS when exercising anymore.
      I did everything within my power to improve my sleep before turning to medication, this was the one road I didn’t want to go down.
      Medication appears to become very ineffective very quickly.

      It’s seriously affected my quality of life to the point my immune system was so down I couldn’t recover from a cough & cold for about 3/4 weeks. Any sleep I get isn’t natural or refreshing so my body just constantly aches. I got to the point I couldn’t function mentally & I am now off work trying to find a solution.

      Any help would be much appreciated, this is like torture.

      Martin Reed
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        That sounds really difficult — just like torture, as you described. And, what I have read in your post sounds much like a common struggle with insomnia. So, you are not alone.

        Ironically, sleep often becomes more of a struggle the more we try to fix it. The more effort we put into it (which is completely understandable) the more difficult and elusive it can become.

        The mind can even learn to believe that being awake at night is a danger or a threat since it regularly creates so much struggle — and so it fires up to protect you and this can lead to a sense that sleepiness has been lost (after all, we don’t want to be falling asleep when we are in danger).

        I hope my reply here brings you some clarity and I wish you all the best. We are all here for you.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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