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    Every week or two I have a ” no sleep” night. I get out of bed,as suggested,many times during the night- to no avail! These nights are not preceded by anything particularly stressful or in anyway different than other days.My insomnia is a bit all over the place– some weeks are worse than other weeks. I generally get about 4hours of sleep a night.


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    Is the 4 hours of sleep your average? Or is the 4 hours on the no-sleep nights?


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    Four hours is my average sleep per night. I do not sleep at all on the ” no sleep” nights


    Martin Reed
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    Welcome to the forum, Garda.

    When do you normally go to bed at night and when do you get out of bed to start your day? Are you someone who generally feels fine after four hours of sleep, or do you feel you need more sleep?


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    Thank you for your support, Martin
    I normally go to bed at 11pm and get out of bed at 6am. Too much time in bed,right?
    I really find it hard to keep myself busy at night- I’m not in the mood to do anything other than watching the television, which makes me nod off!
    I have decided to do a series of insomnia paintings to while away the time. I did my first one during my last no sleep night earlier this week.
    I generally feel fine after 4 hours of sleep,but I do think that an extra hour would be beneficial.


    Martin Reed
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    How are you getting on, Garda? I would suggest trying a sleep window of around five-and-a-half hours if you are still typically getting four hours of sleep. This should lead to less time awake during the night and help to consolidate your sleep.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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