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Not easy -but so worth it!

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    I am doing so much better after three months with Martin’s coaching. I am a 20 year insomnia sufferer who has tried it all. The natural way ( supplements, Sleep Hygiene, acupuncture, weed, tonics of all sorts) and the traditional sleep meds ( anti-depressants, benzos, Ambien, Sonata etc , etc.) . I’ve been under the care of psychiatrists and had cognitive therapy. Nothing really worked for very long until now. I have also lead a very active life. I take good care of myself and am a very successful person, even with the insomnia always in the background. Somehow with only 2-3 hours of sleep on many nights., I have managed to succeed at a very challenging career, raise 4 really cool kids, hold my marriage of 25 years together and remained extremely physically active, hiking 30 miles a week and other sports related activities. For many years I resigned myself to insomnia and just lived with it. Something changed after my dad died last year. I set a goal to tackle my insomnia. After many months and failed attempts I literally stumbled on CBT-I on a Google search and found Insomnia Coach and Martin. For years I searched the internet for solutions . There’s much on Sleep Hygiene, but CBT-I remains buried and even my “shrink” had never heard of it. Right before Christmas I found Martin and literally enrolled on December 23rd desperate to get started even with a house full of grown children and their partners returning home for the holidays. When I started with Martin I tapered of Xanax for about 2 weeks into the course. Then stopped all-together. I have not taken any form of sleep mediation for 10 weeks now. I feel so much better. When I started with Martin I had to taper off Xanax for about 2 weeks into the course. Then stopped all-together. I have not taken any form of sleep medication for 10 weeks now. I feel so much better.

    No joke, the CBTI road is hard and long. But let me reassure you that if you are a long time insomnia sufferer like me, its not as bad as the years of terrible sleep and the day and days of awful fatigue and brain fog. I have certainly struggled even as recently as three weeks ago. But even after the first two weeks I knew this was the right thing for me and that I would prevail. Right now my sleep efficiency is 87% and am finally filling up my 5 1/2 hour sleep window on most nights. I sleep straight through the end of my sleep window on most nights, mostly without waking and my days are amazing compared to just a few weeks ago. CBT-I is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done to improve my sleep. Some people take longer than the 8 week prescribed course to show truly great improvement. That was true for me. But Martin stuck with me and I with him and honestly there is no way I could have done this without his coaching. For those of you struggling after weeks of CBT-I, don’t give up! If I can sleep well after suffering for so many years, you can too. For those questioning if this is right for you, go to the Mayo Clinic Website. They list CBT-I as the first line of therapy for insomnia…Before Medications. Wish I knew that 20 years ago.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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