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    I was diagnosed with OCD several years ago. I don't take meds for it, and it's manageable most of the time. The diagnosis came during a time I was in therapy for post-traumatic stress after a bad car accident.

    I am mainly obsessed with lists and cleaning (but not germaphobic). At one point in time I would vacuum twice a day every day. Harmless, but took up a great deal of my free time. Another example happened last week: I decided all of the closets needed to be reorganized (they already were!)…I think I was just trying to put laundry away when it happened. Most of my “moments” happen at home, but I slip up in public sometimes, like alphabetizing random stuff on shelves.

    Anyway, the OCD was always in my medical records, but neither one of my current docs paid attention because the problem was insomnia, not cleaning. Then last week, my general practioner got the bright idea that maybe my OCD was keeping me awake…which seems really obvious now. So, we are going to treat the insomnia as an obsession with staying awake, and see how that plays out.


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    Wow, that's an interesting thought! How are they treating that? Is it like cognitive therapy?


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    I was diagnossed with OCD at the same time as Schizoid Personality disorder, mines managble as well, mines harmless but sometimes gets bad. Know mcdonalds cups with the little raised circles that you can press down? those and ones on other cups when I see them I have to push them down, sometimes I just push the three or so down, a few times I pushed 187 down before feelign good.


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    I hope whatever treatment they use ,it gets you some good sleep 🙂


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    Very Interesting! I have been epileptic for many years, and it has been thought that my Insomnia is secondary to the epilepsy.

    But I also have a mild form of OCD. It used to be much worse when I was younger, but now it mostly centers around “checking” things.

    Like- Is the door locked? lets check it five times!Is the coffee maker off-lets check it many times too! You get the drift.

    Hmmm..Thanks so much for the info- as this gives me something to think about….


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    I have OCD as well, diagnosed when I was in my late teens. I don't do the obsessive cleaning thing, I'm not the best housekeeper. But I can't have doing my laundry, or my dishes, or cooking my food (I almost never eat out for various reasons, and this is one of them; I don't mind mum cooking, though). And if anyone rearranges anything or borrows something and puts it back out of place, it drives me up the wall.

    It's interesting reading a post about other people with OCD! I do the checking thing as well, and the pushing the little buttons on top of soda lids (to avoid this i never buy drinks from places with those cups so I never expose myself to them now) 🙂 I also have to be on time, and I hate people touching me in anyway (it's a lingering germ thing, which I've mostly managed to control but there are still things). And I never touch door handles or rails with my bare skin. *shudder* Does anyone else count? I don't do it out loud (at least I think I don't) but the first couple times I'm at a new place I count everything and embed it in my head.

    Anyway, it's the source of my chronic anxiety and panic attacks, because people do not act in the orderly way I should like, and I can't handle interacting with them in person. Not unless heavily medicated, at least. And the anxiety is part of my insomnia. Even with medication I still rarely sleep more than a few hours at night, but at least I don't spend the rest of the time worrying about everything.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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