Overcoming noise in apartment buildings with thin walls

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    I’m a heavy sleeper when I get to fall asleep, but sometimes the noises from around where I live (especially in hot summers) tend to keep me engaged; or sometimes just my thoughts won’t stop racing.

    Looking for some non-intrusive and drug free ways to help fall asleep better (faster), currently trying out some sleep apps and staying away from screens before bedtime.

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    I understand, I live in condos and behind a condominium pool and also remember spending time with my grandmother in NYC in an old apt. building, no insulation and all the street noise!

    My sleep doc told me about an app called Insight Timer, but to me its just OK. To keep your mind from racing, I like the videos from the Mindful Movement on YouTube. Guided meditation to take you away from it all for 15-30 minutes. Really soothing.

    Someone here recommended audio books, which I’ve really enjoyed, there is a 30 day free trial on Amazon. After about 45minutes of listening, I am very relaxed and sleepy. Even if it’s hot, try taking a warm shower, the water evaporation on your skin is cooling and is supposed to stimulate melatonin production. Because my spouse has a Bi-Pap machine that can be noisy, I sampled a few ear plugs, and finally found some that don’t hurt my ears yet block the noise. They are the cheap foam kind. The other night I didn’t even hear people break into the pool at 1am and my husband calling the police on them! Coloring with colored pencils is also relaxing for me before bed. Hope you find something soon that works for you!



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    Thank you for the suggestion!

    Insight Timer seems interesting, so far I’ve tried some apps, but sometimes I don’t get a good chance to have a full meditation session, or headphones are out of reach.
    Have done a lot of showers, the sound of water really helps me fall asleep 🙂
    Maybe will look for some “nature loops” apps as well.

    Tried the cheap foam kind of ear plugs, but last ones fit me so well, that I could “hear my skull”
    Coloring with pencils is an idea I’m very fond of, just have to be careful not to make it too stimulating, since I like drawing a lot. Thanks!


    Martin Reed
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    Sometimes white noise or pink noise machines can help mask external sounds that might keep you awake (or wake you during the night). A cheaper alternative would be tuning your radio into static.

    Try to avoid the machines that generate nature sounds (for example, chirping crickets, thunderstorms, or jungle sounds) or using the TV to mask sounds since the changes in volume can interrupt sleep during the night and reduce sleep quality.

    I hope this helps.


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    Actually finally it worked – white noise kind of sounds,
    also leaving a fan on that’s sitting a bit off axis helps a lot too.

    Tried putting on a fireplace sound, it’s not perfect, but when there’s a lot of noise, it really drowns it out.

    TV’s out for sure, I try to keep electronics away as much as possible from the bedroom,
    especially anything “smart”.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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